RB Mike Hart Visits, Does He Commit?

We told you all on Monday that top running back <B>Mike Hart</B> from Nedrew, N.Y., Onondaga would be visiting Michigan this week. He finally made it in today (Saturday). Did he "Say Yes" to The Wolverines? We talked to Mike's sister, and then a little later to his mother, who is visiting Ann Arbor with him.

Mike's older sister (Valerie) of Mike Hart (5-10 185 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 3.75 GPA/1030 SAT) from Nedrew, N.Y., Onondaga told me late this afternoon:

"They just called me from Ann Arbor. They said Mike did it -- he committed to Michigan today!"

**However**, 45 minutes later I talked to Mike's mother, who had made it back to the grandfather's home in Detroit, and she said, "He's made his mind up. But he'll just announce his decision in the next week or so."

Mike and his mother made an unofficial visit to Michigan today, about which she said:

"It was a long visit! Seven hours or so! It was a great visit, very inciteful."

Hart (and his mom and sister) live in New York, but he has grandparents in Detroit, who they are visiting during the trip. He also visited U-M in early May, and since that time it's been assumed that once Coach Carr 'officially' offered him he would accept.

As a junior Hart rushed for 2,667 yards (13.6 yards per carry) and 60 touchdowns in 13 games. For his career he has 7,556 yards and 134 touchdowns, 40 touchdowns shy of the national record.

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