N.Y. RB Mike Hart Speaks

Running back <B>Mike Hart</B> from Nedrew, N.Y., Onondaga spoke to me Saturday evening about his visit to Michigan today.<br><br> Is Michigan in his future?

On Saturday evening I reached a happy Mike Hart (5-10 185 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 3.75 GPA/1030 SAT) from Nedrew, N.Y., Onondaga at his grandfather's home in Detroit.

Describe your visit. What did you do?

"First we went and talked to Coach Carr. My mom didn't come the along last time I was here, in May, so Coach Carr talked about a scholarship offer for me, and why he wanted me to play for Michigan. And then we met with the running backs coach, Coach Jackson."

"Then we got a tour of the Schembechler Hall facilities."

"After that we met with the academic support people. My mom really liked that -- she wants the academics."

"Then we met up with one of the college deans. That meeting included Chad Henne and his parents too."

"Then we had lunch, with Chad and his parents too."

"After lunch we went to Michigan Stadium. We walked in, and they started the music, announcing Chad and me as starters for Michigan! That's the kind of thing you see in movies, but you don't ever think you'll have happen in real life!"

"The whole day was real good."

So, did you commit to Michigan?

"I'll do it in the next few days. On the ride home, I'll talk to my mom, and when I get home I'll call and talk to my coach. Everything is good from there. Is it Michigan? Definitely."

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