NM DL Alan Branch Returns from Camp

Albuquerque, NM Cibola High School sensation Alan Branch returned home from the Michigan camp Sunday evening. I was able to chat with him just as he got in. I wanted to find out if he had made his decision on which school he will attend.

"Man, I just walked in the door two minutes ago, that was good timing. It was a long trip, we were in Michigan about a week and a half but it was fun," said Alan Branch (U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-6, 305 lbs., 5.2 in the 40, 4.65 in the shuttle, 2.5 GPA/17 ACT).

Tell me about your camp experience.

"It was fun and I was there all week. The campus really blew me away, it's beautiful. The whole football tradition at Michigan really awed me too. At the camp we did all kinds of drills. They put us up against the offensive lineman and they showed us how to dip and rip, and do some of the swimming techniques. There were a lot of guys there, something like 1500."

How was your visit with the coaches?

"It went real well. I got to meet Bo Schemechler, he's a real funny guy and I enjoyed talking to him. My parents met Coach (Lloyd) Carr and they like him a lot too. They were concerned about the academics at Michigan but we met with the academic advisors and found they have a really good support program there, so my folks are really high on the school now." Branch went on, "We talked about where I would fit in at Michigan football-wise and Coach (Ron) English said that most kids haven't matured enough physically like I have. We didn't really talk about red-shirting but that I have the physical tools now. I felt real comfortable with them and feel I could contribute right away."

Did you commit?

"No, I didn't, but it was sure a good trip. A lot of concerns my family had were taken care of by all the people at Michigan, but I'm not ready to make a decision yet."

Your mom went to Michigan for a year, right?

"That's right. My dad went there for football and they got married and moved here to New Mexico, that's why she was only there a year. I have a lot of family in Michigan though, I think everyone in my family except for like 6 people live there."

So how does your list of favorites look after camp?

"I really don't have a leader right now. I have to sit down and talk to my parents about all of this. I want to look at all my options. I'm definitely going to take an official visit to Michigan but I haven't thought about any other visits at this time."

What schools have offered you a scholarship?

"Michigan, Washington State, New Mexico, Arizona State, New Mexico State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech."

Are you goint to attend any other camps this summer?

"I'm thinking about going to the Texas A&M camp but that's it. We've started summer drills already and I need to get back into shape after being gone over a week."

When do you plan on making a decision?

"I'm not sure, I need to talk about things with my parents and check out all my options. I can't really say if it will be before the season or on signing day, I just really don't know. My parents are going to be involved with the decision but the final choice is mine."

Comment: Branch was very pleasant after what certainly was a long trip home. He was gracious in giving me an interview even though I'm sure he was exhausted. Note that the academic concerns his family had about Michigan were seemingly overcome. GBW will keep you up to date on this gentle giant throughout the year.

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