Joe Mathis bonding with future Wolverine

Upland CA DL Joe Mathis had an impressive week at the Nike football training camp Sunday.'s #94 prospect was named MVP and impressed everyone. GBW caught up with him to talk, and he tells us who he was impressed with Sunday, where does Michigan fit in his recruiting-- and why Joe likes Michigan's style of play on defense.

 At 6'4 250 pounds defensive end Joe Mathis dominated the Nike training camp at Cerrito's College in California last Sunday. In the mist of Joe mauling his competition he noticed someone else putting in work just like he was -- and he came away impressed.

"Taco (Charlton) -- that dude is a monster!" he told GoBlueWolverine. "He was killing it out here! He is a real nice guy -- and he is so long it's like he takes two steps and he was hitting the bag."

The future Wolverine made an impression on Mathis with just being himself.

"We were talking while in line together, then we went against each other, and Taco told me that I was as strong as an ox, and he was surprised at how fast I was. We both recognized how each other played and I really respected that. He was trying to recruit me (laughing) telling me how nice Michigan is."

The Michigan Wolverines are in the running for Joe Mathis services. He has had chance to see them play and wondered what it would be like to receive an offer from them.

"I have had a chance to see Desmond Howard play and Denard Robinson -- I saw him and he is fast ... when I was watching them on TV. Last season I was thinking to myself, it would be really nice to receive an offer from Michigan. It was not too long after that I had an offer from Michigan, and I was so happy."

Why Michigan, Joe? What is it about that offer?

"Man! Michigan has the most wins in college football history. When I look at them I think football country. It gives me chills, with all the tradition and history that they have there. It is so hyped during games -- Michigan is really banging out there."

The Michigan staff has been in contact with him quite often and he wants to talk with them.

"Michigan has been sending me handwritten letters a lot, saying how I would like good in Blue, we want you out here, and you can be a terror in the Big Ten. I really want to meet the coaches in person and see if they really mean what they say. They told me how hard they work as a coaching staff. They told me if I work hard they will get me to where I want to be, so I am looking forward to that face-to-face conversation with them."

When Joe does decided to visit Michigan he wants to see some of the academic opportunities that Michigan provides.

"I want to make sure I am around good people, down to earth type of people. Academics are important to me -- I want to check out their business school and see what they have to offer in that area."

As far as style of play, Mathis likes what Michigan has to offer in that area and the way they bring it on defense -- because he likes to get after out on defense.

"On defense it seems like every play is like BAM -- they bring it I like their style. My high school coach turns me loose coming off the edge. I love to hit and hear the sound when I hit somebody; I fear no man but God."

With the recruiting process hot as ever he is just taking his time and trying to enjoy it.

"I have Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama and USC along with other schools coming at me. I just try to take it all in and appreciate it. I don't have a top five right now, I'm just looking at all the schools. Distance will not be a factor for me -- I am just looking for something new and different."

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