Levenberry mixing pleasure and business

Five-star Virginia linebacker E.J. Levenberry is on a spring break trip this week with his family. With him relaxing a bit, GBW talked with his father about recruiting. Is Michigan still hot with E.J.? And Mr. Levenberry talks about where the family is and why.

The Michigan Wolverines continue in their hot pursuit of class of 2013 linebacker E.J. Levenberry out of Virginia. It is the manner in which Michigan is recruiting E.J.that leaves the Wolverines at the top of the list.

"The Michigan's football staff is made up of straight shooters, no hard selling, and very genuine in their approach to what they tell you about recruiting," says Mr. Levenberry.

When talking to Mr. Levenberry you certainly understand why he likes people to give it to him straight without sugar coating things. It is because he is a person that does not sugar coat things -- he will tell you exactly how he feels. So it is not surprising that the Michigan staff has gained his respect in that area.

The staff at Michigan has also gained his respect in other areas as well -- for one, the contact that they have with his son, and not just over the phone.

"These guys are first class, when you talk to Coach Mattison (Defensive coordinator) and Coach Montgomery. (Defensive line coach) What I like is how they send E.J. a handwritten letter every day. And we talk with them quite often. They are just real down home guys. And that's why they are at the top of the list."

The Levenberry family has a planned trip to Ann Arbor next week so that E.J. can see areas of the campus that he hasn't had a chance to look at.

"We are coming up next week for the spring game but also for E.J. to see the dorms up there, which is something my wife would like to see as well. He also wants to talk with and see some of the things the strength and conditioning staff does in the weight room with the players."

There is another team that is high on the list of the Levenberry family, and that is Florida State. The Levenberrys have a chance to kick back and relax this week on vacation, but as for their five-star son E.J. his trip is part relaxing and part business. For the family, right now, is in Florida.

 "We decided to come down to Florida on spring break this week and relax a little but we also are here for E.J. to see Florida State. E.J. will have the opportunity to shadow a player to class and go to tutoring. He will be able to sit in on their football meetings and see what goes on in the weight room here at Florida State. The coaching staff here at Florida State has begun to send handwritten letters, and E.J. appreciates what they are doing in that area."

The whole point in this is so that E.J. will be able to visit these schools and see them from a college student's point of view.

"We want to make sure he goes to all the schools he is looking at, so he understands things a little better. It is also good that his mom and the rest of the family are able to see these things as well."

There are still other schools, besides U-M and FSU, that will be in the mix for him to visit soon.

"We will be going to Alabama, Oklahoma and Georgia to look at those schools, at what they have to offer."

Although a decision will possibly coming later this year, it is clear that the Wolverines are out front -- they just have to continue to work hard to say there.

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