Albrecht ready to commit if offered?

Northfield Mount Hermon PG Spike Albrecht -- visiting U-M Thursday -- talks to GBW about his relationship with Michigan, whether or not an offer has been discussed, and two other 2012 prospects he'd love to reunite with in Ann Arbor.

With rumors swirling about the impending decision from Michigan point guard Trey Burke (will he stay or will he go?), the Michigan coaching staff continues to recruit for the class of 2012. Losing combo guard Carlton Brundidge to transfer created a hole in the backcourt depth regardless of Burke's possible departure, which is why the Wolverines have stepped into the forefront of Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) PG Spike Albrecht's revamped recruitment.

"I would say the first time that they really reached out to me was around early March when they told me they were going to come out and watch me play in the National Quarterfinals against Hargrave," Albrecht told GBW. "Coach Meyer came out and watched me and I guess he like what he saw, so he's just been in touch ever since then."

The Michigan coaching staff appears to have been fully aware of possible defections at the end of the 2011-12 season and as it turns out Albrecht knew patience might provide a happy ending if spots opened up.

"They said they'd just been hearing rumors about me, about my game, because I had a pretty good run at the end of the season. And they said they just weren't sure what was going to happen at the end of the season because with college basketball you know how crazy it is with people leaving," said Albrecht. "Nothing too serious but they were just saying if anything does happen we're keeping you in mind type of deal."

Albrecht has infiltrated the minds of the Michigan coaching staff enough to host the Indiana native and his parents on an official visit tomorrow through Saturday.

"I'm flying up there myself and then my parents are going to meet me up there because I'm at school, I'm still at Northfield, so my parents have got to drive up there tomorrow night from Indiana," said Albrecht.

Having already built strong relationships with Coach Beilein and Coach Meyer, Albrecht admits there's so many other members in and around the program he wants to get to know while in Ann Arbor.

"I'm really excited to get to meet all of the coaches. I talk to Coach Meyer and Coach Beilein," said Albrecht. "(They're) class acts, they're really good people. But I'd like to get to meet all of the other coaches, the players. I've heard great things about the facilities, I mean it's the Big Ten, it doesn't get much better than that. I'm also looking forward to seeing things on the academic side so I have a meeting set up with the admission people to talk about some of the classes and courses there at Michigan."

Is there a chance Albrecht, if offered, could leave Ann Arbor as a future Wolverine?

"Yeah, absolutely. I mean it's a great school, it's really everything I've wanted since I was little. But again that's not up to me, but I would be flattered if that happened," said Albrecht.

If Albrecht is added to the 2012-13 Michigan basketball team, the 6'1, 180 pound floor general still has an uncertain future. If Burke decides to put his name in the NBA draft and leave Michigan after just one season, Albrecht would be the only true point guard on the Wolverines roster next fall. On the flip side, if Burke is talked into staying another year, Albrecht's role would be vastly different.

"That's obviously been a big thing here recently but whatever he does I wish him the best of luck -- but that's not going to hinder my decision either way," said Albrecht. "If I could come in and sit behind a guy, it wouldn't be bad sitting behind Trey Burke because he's a great player, one of the best players in the country. It would be great to learn from him for a year. But if he doesn't come back I'm going to have a chance to get big minutes right away, but then obviously nothings given to you so I plan on working hard and trying to give myself a chance to play right away."

As the Wolverines wait for the arrival of the Albrecht's tomorrow, two 2012 Michigan signees, Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary, hope Spike joins them in Ann Arbor and according to Albrecht it would be a tremendous reunion.

"Glenn's a good guy," said Albrecht. "He's a real good kid, I like him a lot. We played in the same conference in high school, I played on his AAU team. He's one of the nicest kinds I've ever been around, especially. He and Mitch both are high profile kids but they're really down to earth, really nice kids, and it would be awesome to play with those two, definitely."

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