Chad Henne talks About Michigan

I talked this evening with <B>Chad Henne</B> from West Lawn, Pa., home from his U-M visit -- and from a day of working out with a certain U-M assistant coach.

I talked this evening with Chad Henne (6-3, 230 lbs., 4.6 in the 40, 3.4 GPA) from West Lawn, Pa.

Scott Loeffler (Michigan quarterback coach) is working Coach Cantafio's (West Lawn's Head Coach) camp right now?

"Coach Cantafio invited him to work the camp. I saw Coach Loeffler work with Michigan's quarterbacks some in the spring when I was there. But today I got to work with him. He taught me a little bit, and corrected me on some things. I enjoyed working with him. He's a good guy and is real smart."

Would you tell us about your Michigan visit last weekend?

"I went with my mom and dad, and my grandparents. My parents and I had been up there before, for a Junior Day in the spring."

"We got there Friday, about 5 PM. We met with Coach Carr right away. Then we met with Coach Boccher (Chad's area recruiter), and with John Navarre, and we went and ate dinner with them. After dinner we had a two hour talk with Coach Carr. We didn't talk about football really, I just got to learn what kind of person he is and he got to learn what I'm like. Then John (Navarre) took me around town, and he showed me his house. I met some of the players, and they told me about how their practices are, and how the coaches are. Then John dropped me off at our hotel."

"On Saturday I met with Coach Loeffler. I was with him most of the day, we talked football, we watched film together. When I met with Coach Carr he said Coach Loeffler would be a head coach some day, and I believe it. Then my parents and I toured the campus again, and we went to a souvenir store."

"Then we went to the Big House. They playes The Victors and put up (on the jumbotrons) feaures of the past great Michigan quarterbacks, and then they announced me as the starting Michigan quarterback. It was impressive."

So what's next, Chad?

"Well, I'm going to an amusement park tomorrow. I'm laying off a little bit. Then we have seven-on-seven camp, then I'll go on a little vacation, then we have our team camp."

"Then my family and I are going to Miami July 31st through Aug 3rd. We'll look around Miami a little, and take an unofficial visit there."

"And by then I should be all set. I'll most likely make my decision the next Wednesday (Aug. 6), just before our two-a-days start."

On August 6th one school will be getting a great young man as well as a great quarterback: Michigan, Penn State, or Miami, or possible Georgia or Tennessee.

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