CO DE Calais Campbell Talks About the Weather

How much will the weather factor in his decision? Does he have an offer from U-M? These are just some of the questions I asked South Denver High School star <b>Calais Campbell</b> Monday evening.

Calais Campbell (6-8, 235, 4.7 in the 40, June 14 ACT) just returned from the Wyoming football camp, "We had a real good time there and my team did a good job. They offered me while I was there."

What other offers do you have?

"I have offers from Colorado State, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, San Diego State, and now Wyoming."

Do you have an offer from Michigan?

"Coach Terry Malone told me they wanted me and that there is an offer waiting for me. He told me to call coach (Lloyd) Carr sometime this summer to get the offer from him. I have to do that in the next week or so."

What did the Michigan coaches tell you?

"Coach Malone said they like me at defensive end or tight end, they said I could play either one. I really want to play DE in college. I'd rather play right away as a freshman but I don't have a problem if I have to redshirt."

What do you like about Michigan?

"Michigan is always good and I want to go to a school that wins championships. They have good coaches and it's a good school and they play in front of (111,000) people. I want to go to a school that graduates its players because not every player makes it to the NFL. Of course I want to play in the NFL so I want to go to a school that puts players in the league, and Michigan puts a lot of players in the NFL. I want to major in architecture or program design so a school that is good in those areas is important too."

"Charles Woodson was one of my favorite players, I mean he still is but he's a Raider now and here in Denver that's kinda hard to root for. I liked Brian Griese and thought he could have done better here if he had a couple more years. I think he'll do well in Miami."

How do you feel about the Michigan weather?

"That's not a problem. We have snow here in Colorado. I've never been to Michigan but I have friends here from the state and they tell me all the time how beautiful it is, so I'm looking forward to going there?"

So you have a visit set up?

"No, not yet. Right now I am visiting Colorado State because that's where my brother is going, but I do want to visit Michigan."

What are you plans for the summer?

"We've already started summer drills at school. We lift and do speed drills every day. My coaches tell me I don't really need to go to any camps so I won't be going to any of those."

Tell me about yourself as a player.

"I'm at my best as a pass rusher. Last year I had 19 sacks and 104 tackles. I'm a good playmaker too and I'm a team leader. This season I'll be a team captain."

What was your best play from last season?

"Our second game of the year we were at Poudre, it was a big game because they are good. We were behind in the 4th quarter and we forced them to punt. My teammate Alton Williams got through and blocked the punt, and I recovered it and ran in for the winning touchdown."

When do you think you'll make your decision?

"Probably after the first couple games of the season, so sometime around my third game."

Is your family going to be involved with your decision?

"My father will be a big part of it, but they want me to go to a good school and he'll make sure of that. They are ok with me leaving Colorado so that won't be a problem."

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