Chris Graham Update

Indiana LB Chris Graham was in Ann Arbor last week for UM's annual football camp. While there, he spoke with head coach Lloyd Carr for the first time. Chris clues GBW in on what was discussed.

Chris Graham (2.1 GPA, 600 SAT) is an impressive looking athlete that put up some big numbers (180 tackles, 21 tackles for loss (school record), 10 forced fumbles, and 4 interception), at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis Indiana last year. He attended Michigan's football camp last week and I caught up with him to see how things went.

What were your camp stats?

"One guy said I measured in at 5-10.5 and another said 5-11.5. I told them that they had to get that one straight (laughing). I'm 5-11.5. I weighed 205. I ran a 4.5 forty and my vertical was 31 inches."

How do you feel you did in drills?

"I think I did pretty well. If you ask me, I think I kicked the backs' butts! One really fast kid got outside of me but it was because of a mistake I made. I learned from it and did pretty well afterwards. The whole thing was a great learning experience."

What coaches did you talk to while you were there?

"The outside LB coach (Morrison) talked to me during the drills. I talked to coach Moeller and Coach Herrmann as well. I also finally met Coach Carr."

So, camp was the first time you ever spoke with Coach Carr?

"Yes. He offered me a full scholarship when we talked. I'm was really excited about it. It probably didn't show because I was out there working, but I'm very excited."

What are your favorites at this point?

"I have two…Michigan and Tennessee. Those two are and the top. I haven't given up on everyone else yet, but those are the main ones."

What will be the deciding factors in your final decision?

"A lot of will come down to who can help me out the most education wise. It's really hard to think about right now. Eventually I'm just going to have to sit down with my parents and talk about it."

Will where your brother ends up play a roll?

"My parents would love for us to go to the same school. We talk about it, but I think we'll probably end up as rivals."

When do you think you'll make your decision?

"I'll probably make my choice right after football season is over."

When do you take your test again?

"When I took the first time I only had a week to prepare so I got a 600. I'm taking it again in August and I'll be prepared."

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