Levenberry on UM: "I loved it!" (Part 1)

E.J. Levenberry had been on his fair share of visits heading into most recent trip to Michigan. Memorable experiences elsewhere and his prior strong trip to UM set the bar to impress him really high. Thanks to the festive Spring Game atmosphere, and a deeper understanding of the combination of academics and athletics at Michigan, the Maize & Blue set a new standard. (Part 1 of 2)

The pomp & circumstance of recruiting have overwhelmed a vast number of prospects throughout the years, and hasty decisions have often been the result.  That’s why the family of Woodbridge (VA) linebacker E.J. Levenberry has been so diligent in gathering information.  Their thorough approach has weeded out many contenders, leaving a few still in primary contention.

The first layer of the vetting process entails a visit by E.J. and his father to gain an initial understanding of what the school has to offer.  Programs that make it to the second visit are in strong standing.  If the rest of the family (especially mom) can make it on the visit, the standing is really strong.  The latter described Michigan’s position heading into the weekend.

E.J. and his dad had already visited Michigan and really appreciated what the Wolverines had to offer, so now it was Mrs. Levenberry’s turn to see what the Maize & Blue is all about.

“My wife really had a good time at Michigan,” Mr. Levenberry told GoBlueWolverine.  “It was significant for her to look around and see Ann Arbor for herself. What made the biggest impact on her was talking with Shari Acho about life after football and how they assist the graduates in getting jobs. Showing them how to send off their resumes and sending them off for them going out to the work force -- that part made a good impression on her.”

As for what made the biggest impact on the linebacker out of Woodbridge, Virginia, it was clearly the way he was treated at Michigan. Other places had impressed him, but Michigan truly stood out.

“I would say it was the fans and the way they came at me -- they really showed me a lot of love,” E.J. said.  “They were saying, ‘Go Blue!’  They just treated me very well. They were coming up to me shaking my hand and taking pictures with me. I also signed a few autographs -- it was fun. I feel blessed to be in this position where little kids are looking up to me as a role model. The passion that the fans have for Michigan shows how they feel about their team, and that caught my eye about the fans.”

His eye was also caught his player host, Blake Countess.  The two youngsters had an existing connection through by virtue of their fathers’ friendship.  During the visit they were able to establish a rapport of their own.

“We talked more about academics just the student part,” E.J. recalled.  “Blake told me how I really need to be organized about approaching my class work. He said it is very important to study hard so I will not fall behind in my studies.”

As for football, Countess did put his recruiting hat on for a bit.

“Blake told me that if I have any questions just to ask him,” E.J. later added.  “He said how much he loves Michigan and how well they treat him. Blake told me how much they want me on campus.”

Upon reflecting on his time in Ann Arbor, he concluded that it’s definitely one of the places he could see himself fitting in.

“I really liked the campus and how cool and really genuine the people were,” he said.  “The campus was just right -- not too big and not too small -- it was nice.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two in which Levenberry talk’s football and the direction that his recruitment is going.

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