Pa. Kicker Brytus On U-M's Kicking Camp

Punter Dave Brytus (6-4, 225 lbs.) from West Allegheny, Pa. attended last weekend's Michigan Kicking Camp. He told us about the camp, and about his scholarship possibilities.

I asked Punter Dave Brytus (6-4, 225 lbs., 970 SAT) from West Allegheny, Pa.:

You were at the Michigan Kicking Camp last weekend? Can you tell us about it?

"Yes. It was great. I learned so much. The whole coaching staff was great. That was my third time up to Michigan. I went to a game last fall, and come in for an unofficial visit in the spring. "

"It was a three day camp: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. There were about 20 punters, and 50 place kickers there, from all over the country. Michigan is recruiting me as a punter. I did a little place kicking for a certain amount of time, but I mainly punted."

"I thought I did pretty well. I was at Purdue the week before, and they offered me a scholarship. Coach Boccher (U-M special teams coordinator) will meet with Coach Carr this week. I should know by the end of the week if Michigan is going to offer me. Coach Boccher said they would talk to my doctor -- you may know that I didn't play my junior year because I broke my leg."

As a sophomore Brytus averaged 44 yards a punt. Then during preseason practice last summer a defender, trying to block Brytus' punt, hit his shin bone with his helmet, breaking Brytus' tibia. He was in a wheelchair for three months, then on crutches for two more, but by late March of this year his leg had returned to full strength.

Brytus is also going to work out at OSU this coming weekend. He plans to make a decision by the end of the summer.

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