Ojemudia Excited About Starting at Michigan

Defensive end Mario Ojemudia out of Farmington Hills Harrison is about to make the 'real trip' up to the University of Michigan - to begin his career as a student. GBW just caught up with him to talk about how this came about and what he is trying to accomplish.

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:00 pm Mario Ojemudia will be up on the Michigan campus to officially become a Michigan student-athlete. Mario is enrolling early to get the process started in becoming the best he can be.

"I am very excited about tomorrow -- enrolling early at the University of Michigan and becoming a student-athlete. Academically I have to get my work done -- that is priority number one my efforts will be to have good grades. I also want to get into the weight room to be as big as possible and learn as much as I can. I am ready to start my development. Coming early will allow me to be the best player I can be. I have been waiting to be a part of the college experience my whole life -- and tomorrow I will be!"

Ojemudia wanted to start in January like fellow freshman Joe Bolden and Kaleb Ringer but Mario's and Michigan's academic schedule was not on the same page.

"Back in January Coach Hoke visited me and we talked about me enrolling early. I wanted to get in as early as January, but my school (Farmington Hills Harrison) is on tri-mesters and our academic schedule ended in March. If it would have ended in December or the middle of January I would already be up at Michigan now."

Mario did talk to some of his future teammates about the decision to enroll at Michigan early.

"I talked with Devin Funchess, James Ross, Royce Jenkins-Stone and A.J. Williams -- I thought they knew about it but they didn't. When I did tell them they were happy for me. And the coaches were happy as well to get me up on campus earlier."

So tomorrow Sunday April 29, 2012 at 4:00pm Mario Ojemudia will have the chance to begin his dream -- it all starts at the University of Michigan.   

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