2014 Intro: Ja'Von Harrison

Michigan has been extremely active on the 2014 recruiting trail in recent days and have extended a number of offers. One of yesterday's offer recipients was Lakeland (FL) Kathleen ATH Ja'Von Harrison. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get his thoughts on his game, his recruitment, Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb: Talk about last season. How did everything go for you on the football field last year?

Ja’Von Harrison: “Everything went good. I was coming in as a sophomore, and I just had to learn everything. But I got it down pat. I played both sides, but I mainly play receiver. On defense I had one interception, I had like seven tackles and three solo tackles.  At receiver I had like 20 catches and almost 400 yards and two touchdowns.”

Sam Webb: I see that Michigan and Virginia Tech offered you? What position are they recruiting you to play?

Ja’Von Harrison: “Virginia Tech offered me at DB – well they actually said they’ll offer me whatever I want to play, you know.  I want to play DB. And Michigan offered me as a DB.”

Sam Webb: Which secondary position do you play and which one do you want to play in college?

Ja’Von Harrison: “It was corner last year, but I really want to play safety (in college).  If they need me at cornerback, I’ll play it.”

Sam Webb: What’s your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Ja’Von Harrison: “My height – last time I checked it was 6-3, and last time I checked my weight I was 192.”

Sam Webb: Is there a player in college or the pros that you compare yourself to or that you compare yourself to?

Ja’Von Harrison: “I compare myself to Calvin Johnson at receiver, from the Detroit Lions. And at cornerback, I mostly compare myself to Nnamdi Asomugha.”

Sam Webb: Alright, so back to recruiting… did you grow up a fan of any particular college?

Ja’Von Harrison: “No sir, I’m not a fan of any particular college. “

Sam Webb: So talk to me about Michigan a little bit, man. Do you know anything about Michigan at all?

Ja’Von Harrison: “They’re like one of the (winningest) teams in college football.”

Sam Webb: So have you been to any college campuses yet on visits?

Ja’Von Harrison: “No, not yet.”

Sam Webb: Whenever you get ready to sit down and make a decision, a year from now, two years from now, what are going to be the big factors in that choice?

Ja’Von Harrison: “Probably taking care of my daughter. That will be the main factor.”

Sam Webb: One of the obvious questions is, is distance from home going to be a factor for you when you start looking at all these schools?

Ja’Von Harrison: “No sir, it shouldn’t be.”

Sam Webb: Well, how about this? You’re a Florida guy... what about the weather? Think you can handle the weather up north?

Ja’Von Harrison: “I’ve been wanting to get up north and get into the weather, try it, see how it is.”

Sam Webb: Regarding timeline for making a decision... have you thought about when you might want to make your choice?

Ja’Von Harrison: “Not yet. First I have to (narrow things down to) a top three, top five. “

Sam Webb: Do you have an early top list of schools?

Ja’Von Harrison: “Yeah… Mississippi State, Auburn, Florida StateSouth Carolina.”

Sam Webb: Do Michigan and Virginia Tech sort of fit in there, or are they outside that group?

Ja’Von Harrison: “I count them in the group. They were the first two to offer me, and I think they’re great. “

Sam Webb: Now do you think you’re going to wind up taking visits to Virginia Tech and to Michigan?

Ja’Von Harrison: “I’m going to end up going most places. “

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