Marcus Freeman Update

Marcus Freeman gives GBW the latest on his recruitment after attending Ohio State's advanced players camp.

Huber Heights Wayne (OH) LB Marcus Freeman (6-2, 232, 4.6) is one of the most impressive kids I've ever interviewed. This young man will obviously bring more to the table than football skills. He conveyed to me the factors that will be most important in his decision in a conversation that we had last evening.

Have you heard from Michigan recently?

"Yes, I talked to Coach Herrmann not too long ago. It's been going pretty well between us."

How many times have you been up to visit Michigan?

"I've visited only once so far. I was up there for the Nike Camp."

Do you plan on making it up unofficially at any point this summer?

"Probably not in the summer. I'll come up for a game during the year."

Have you narrowed things down from your top 5 yet?

"No, I haven't."

Did you grow up an Ohio State fan?

"Growing in Ohio, I'd have to say yes. However, when you get to the age I am now, you realize that there's more to it than growing up a fan of one particular school."

I understand that your proximity to OSU has allowed you to visit the campus quite a bit and gain a certain familiarity with their program. What do the other schools on your list have to do to move up in your eyes?

"It's more a matter of what's in my heart. It really depends on how things go when I visit the campuses. I'll be looking at how I interact with the coaches. I'll be looking at how comfortable I am. I'll also be checking out the academics. So, it'll come down to the feeling I get when I'm at the school more than what they do or say."

Will depth charts play a factor in your decision?

"Yeah. I want to go somewhere I can play early. But, that won't be my main reason for choosing a college. The main reasons will probably be a good academic program and a good football program where I fit in with the players and coaches."

Do you know what you want to major in at this point?

"I haven't really decided yet. I looking at sports management or communications."

What are you looking for in a coaching staff? Are you looking for a strict disciplinarian type, a father figure, a more laid back kind of guy…?

"I'm looking for a coach that's not so strict that you hate him, but not so nice that he's your best friend. There's a line right in the middle where you can talk to the coach about the team and about life problems, but at the same time, he isn't so hard that you're dreading going to practice. I'm really just looking for a coach and a staff that I feel comfortable with."

Have you been able to establish a relationship with any Michigan Coach at this point?

"Yeah. Coach Herrmann has been recruiting me for the past year. He's a great coach. He's a great person too, and I could really see myself playing for him. I met Coach Carr this summer and he's a great coach and person as well."

I've read that you planned on delaying your decision so some of your teammates could get some attention as well. Is that still your plan?

"Right now, yes. However, if I go to a place and I realize that my heart is there and that there's no more use in keeping on with the drama, I could commit early. Right now the plan is still to wait."

Will where Fred Davis and Ted Ginn end up have an effect on your decision?

"Not necessarily. It would be great to go to the same school as them, but if I feel better at a school that they don't like I'm still going to go to that school. I'm not going to go wherever they go because it's those two. We have all talked about going to the same school, and that would be great. But, we aren't going to base our decision off of one another."

We'll keep you posted on Marcus' recruitment in the coming months.

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