'15 Phenom Karl Towns a Big UM Fan (Part 1)

Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph star Karl Towns is only a freshman, but he is considered one of the top prospects in the country regardless of class. A plethora of majors are on the trail of this class of '15 phenom, including Michigan. In Part One of our feature on the 6-10 big, the self-described Michigan fan begins revealing just how much he knows about the Maize & Blue—and trust us, he knows a lot.

For most sports fans the adoption of a team happens during childhood. You find yourself gravitating to a team for one reason or another… their uniforms, the players, or simply because they win. In the case of Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph big man, Karl Towns, his Michigan fandom is rooted in his love of a video game.

"When I was younger my dad allowed me to just buy one game and it was college football," Towns explained. "I started playing with Michigan. My guys on those teams were Chad Henne, Mike Hart, and Mario Manningham. That was the team I played with. That is how I started liking Michigan. They are a good school with a lot of history behind them."

According to youngster's father, his son's affinity for Michigan grew much stronger in the following years. Young Towns' favorite Wolverine just happens to be one of the most electrifying players in college football.

"He is a big Denard Robinson fan," Mr. Towns said. "He did not miss one game on television last season watching Michigan play. He likes that they play in front of 110,000 people in the Big House. Karl has always wanted to see a game there."

An obvious question is how did a young basketball star become such a big football fan.

"Karl wanted to play tight end in football but his mom was not interested in having him play that sport," explained Mr. Towns.

That obviously proved to be a good call on mom's part. Basketball is where it is at for the young man out of St. Joseph high school in New Jersey. Not only does he possess exceptional height at 6-11, he has uncanny versatility. He can't be pigeon-holed into a position because he does so many things well. He can put it on the floor with ease, is a very good passer, can shoot from the parking lot, can post you up… in other words, this kid has it all. Everyone that witnesses him in action raves about his skills. The only one reluctant to praise Towns' game is the young man himself.

"What I like most about my game is getting my teammates involved," he said. "I enjoy passing. I have a team oriented mentality just like my dad taught me. I believe you never win anything with without your teammates."

With so many college coaches coming to see him one might think it is tough for him to keep his focus on the game. Not so.

"Obviously you know they are over there but I make sure I remember who I am playing for—my family and my team," he said. "It is important that I focus on the game and play hard. Everything else will take care of itself."

The Jersey native will have plenty of opportunities to go up against some of the nation's best players this year, but he wants to be sure that he doesn't lose what the game is all about.

"Going up against other top players, people look at who has scored the most points," said Towns. "I am competitive and I want to win at everything—everyone doesn't always remember who had the most points but they do know who won the game."

That great focus and perspective for a player so young. Those happen to be traits that he also hones on the golf course.

Said Towns, "I play golf because you have to really focus it makes you think, and I take that approach when I am out on the basketball court."

The young man is clearly not your typical athlete. In addition to playing baseball he also serves as the president of his class, is taking AP courses and sports a 4.3 GPA.

What is quite apparent is that Mr. and Mrs. Towns have without question made grades and checking his ego at the door a priority. They are involved in every part of his life and dedicated to making sure he is getting the most out of it.

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for Part Two in which talks about Michigan basketball and its history. To see him in action press play below.

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