'15 Phenom Karl Towns a Big UM Fan (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph star Karl Towns, the talented big man flashes his knowledge of Michigan basketball history, shares his thoughts on the Wolverines' offense, discusses his early recruitment, and more.

For those that missed part one, click here.

After establishing himself as a bona fide Michigan football fan, Karl Towns took the time to flash his knowledge of Michigan basketball.  He has observed the hardwood Wolverines numerous times in recent years and came away impressed with what he saw.

“I like their offense and the way they screen to get you open shots. They let their big men play Coach Beilein allows you to shoot and be involved in the offense. The pick and roll that they run allows for both of players to get open. They spread the floor and it opens things up for everyone.”

Such in-depth observations are commonplace for a youngster that fancies himself a true student of the game.  While watching Michigan he even began breaking down tendencies of many of the players on the team.

“Karl studies teams a lot to learn the game and understand it more”, said Mr. Towns, Karl’s father.  “He’s loved Tim Hardaway since he has been at Michigan.  Even since he was in high school Karl has followed him. Karl likes Hardaway’s ability to get guys involved in the game and the good shots he takes in Michigan’s offense. He also likes Zack Novak and the way he shoots the ball from deep.”

Towns’ view of Michigan soared to new heights when he learned about the most heralded recruiting class in college basketball history.

“I have watched the 30-for-30 Fab Five documentary about 25 times,” Towns exclaimed.  “I watch it about once a week. Watching it let me know that freshman rule the world (laughing). Those guys could really play.”

“2013… one year left until Chris Webber can come back,” he added excitedly.

Recently the Michigan coaching staff became aware of Towns’ ardent fandom, and leapt at the chance to get involved in his recruitment.

“I was really excited to hear from them and to know that they are interested in me and my game,” he stated.

The Wolverines joins an esteemed list of early suitors that also includes Connecticut, Michigan State, Syracuse, UCLA, Ohio State, and Kentucky.  The aforementioned programs all have a head start Towns’ recruitment, so the Maize & Blue have a little catching up to do.

“These other schools have been there since early on and they are ahead of Michigan in terms of being involved, but it is still early,” Mr. Towns stated.  “We have spoken on the phone and Michigan let us know that they are interested in Karl. He is excited that they are interested… as he is about all the schools that are showing him attention.”

As exciting as all the recruiting developments are, young Towns remains focused on his development on and off the court.  Next week on the hardwood he will receive some expert tutelage.

“I will be at the Dominican Republic basketball practice for the Olympic team all week,” Towns said.  “Charlie Villanueva, Edger Sosa and Francisco Garcia will be there as well. Francisco always helps me out and tells me to keep working hard and never be satisfied. I am looking forward to it.”

“I like to work hard to get better at the game of basketball.  I always like to say no one has ever drowned in sweat, so working hard means a lot when I am in the gym.”

That’s music to the ears of his proud father.

“He believes he should be working on something every day to be a better,” the elder Towns said.  That’s he makes 500 shots a day.”

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