Dominique Booth talks Michigan

Indianapolis Pike wide receiver Dominique Booth is a rising 2014 prospect in the Midwest. At 6-foot-0, 195-pounds, Booth was one of the top performers at the Nike Football Training Combine on Saturday. GBW was there to check in with Booth, and he talked about his performance, his strengths as a player, his visit to Michigan and a possible offer, and more.

Dominique Booth profile

GBW: Talk about your performance at the Nike Football Training Combine?

Booth: I did pretty good on the speed drills and everything. The power balls and speed stuff basically. The footwork drill, I did really well on that stuff. I did good on the position specific drills. And we did 1-on-1's, and on the 7-on-7 drill I scored on my first play and everything. We got to the 1-on-1's and I pulled my groin. I wasn't able to play much after that. I think I got better today. I got to compare myself to a lot of these guys. I'm pretty confident right now.

GBW: If you were going to scout yourself from the stands, what would you say about yourself?

Booth: I am more of a bigger presence on the outside basically, like a running back on the outside. I am somebody you can give the ball to quick and will do work on the outside—juke, spin that's what I do. But I am more of a red zone type of guy too. I am someone you can throw the ball up to or break someone off at the goal line.

GBW: You currently have ten offers, who are the schools that are sticking out right now?

Booth: Michigan State, Cincinnati, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

GBW: I know you have been on a visit up to Michigan. How did the visit go, and what are your thoughts about the Wolverines?

Booth: Well they had a coaches clinic that day, so I didn't have a chance to look at everything. I only got a chance to look at the practice area. It was nice, what I did see -- I got to see the weight room, coaches area, locker room. It was real nice up there. I didn't get to go on campus and talk academics and all that. But from what I saw, it was good. I really didn't get a chance to talk to the coaches like I wanted to. But when I did, they told me they were very interested in me and keep working hard. I call coach Mallory pretty much every other weekend. He said they are really, really interested in me, and I think they will be offering me in the next month or so. I need to get back up there. They made me promise I would come back up and I still haven't.

GBW: What would a Michigan offer mean to you?

Booth: I mean, that would be a big thing to me. It's another along the lines of Iowa and Missouri on the next level. There are D-1 offers and then there's offers from the top guys. That is pretty much the top for me.

GBW: Michigan plans on eventually going to a more pro-style offense in the coming years. What are your thoughts about possibly playing in a pro-style offense?

Booth: As long as they get the ball to the playmakers, it really doesn't matter to me. It just matters how much they pound the ball. I guess I will see. I will be looking out for it.

GBW: What are you most looking to improve in your game?

Booth: Being more physical on top of my routes and working on the real deep game. Not the real short game, but working my intermediate game. Like digs and stuff like that. I am just going to be working on speed and being more physical.

GBW: You are going into your junior season, but when do you plan on making your final college decision?

Booth: At the end of my junior year I would like to make a decision. It has become a lot harder decision then I planned. When I know it is the right school, I will make my decision.

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