Byers Back From Midwest Trip

Top offensive lineman <B>Jeff Byers</B> from Fort Collins, Col., Loveland made an unofficial visit to U-M Friday. I talked to him Sunday noon about how it went.

The mother of Jeff Byers (6-4, 272 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 385-lb. bench press, 30-inch vertical jump, 4.0 GPA) from Fort Collins, Col., Loveland told us a couple days ago that Jeff would be back by noon today (Sunday) and that he'd talk to me then. The outgoing Jeff was happy to fill us in.

"The visit went great. We got a tour of Michigan's facilities. We met for a long time with Coach Malone (his U-M recruiter). Then we met with the Business School Dean, and had lunch with him. Then I met several of the players, and the strength and conditioning coach, Coach Gittleson, and the Michigan trainer. We also went into he stadium and saw the new Field Turf . It looks great. I've played on field turf before."

"I did not get to meet with Coach Carr -- he was out of town. They had told me he would be gone and that he would try to get back, but he couldn't make it. Still, Michigan made a great impression, and we had a great time. And anyway, I've talked to Coach Carr on the phone quite a bit."

"We also stayed with my aunt and her family, who live in Ann Arbor. So we got filled in by them on things too."

You also visited Notre Dame and Ohio State on this trip, correct? How would you compare them?

"I actually liked them all equally. I had a great time at all of them."

"I have one more to go -- to Iowa. Then I will start narrowing things down. A timetable doesn't really matter to me. If I don't make a decision by the end of the summer, then I'll take official visits."

Note: when we talked to Jeff earlier in the month he told us that he'd also made a lot of other unofficial visits: "I've already visited Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State (his home-town school), and Stanford."

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