Michigan in the fight for Jalen Tabor

GBW's Sam Webb caught up with Washington D.C. Edison-Friendship 2014 defensive back Jalen Tabor, a consensus 2014 Top 100 prospect. Where does Michigan stand early?

GBW's Sam Webb caught up with Washington D.C. Edison-Friendship 2014 defensive back Jalen Tabor, a consensus 2014 Top 100 prospect.

Sam Webb: Take me back to your high school season. How did it go for you on the football field?

Jalen Tabor: "It went really well. I had eight interceptions and 27 tackles, so it went really well on the defensive side of the ball."

Sam Webb: What's your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Jalen Tabor: "My height is 6-foot, 180, and I haven't run the 40 yet."

Sam Webb: Give me a scouting report on Jalen Tabor. What will we see when we watch you play?

Jalen Tabor: "You see a little bit of everything. You see Deion's attitude and his shut down ability; You'll see Darrelle Revis' patience; you'll see Nmamdi's ball skills… so kind of a little bit of everybody. Sort of my own person, so, I came out of my game as one person; I try to take what everybody does best and take it to my game."

Sam Webb: Can you recall off the top of your head how many scholarships do you have on the table right now?

Jalen Tabor: "21."

Sam Webb: Who was the first school to offer you?

Jalen Tabor: "Tennessee."

Sam Webb: So when did Michigan get in the mix for you, and what have they been saying to you?

Jalen Tabor: "Michigan got in the mix lately, Coach Montgomery, Coach Mallory. You know, they just have some good things going. Michigan's definitely an option. I can't remember exactly when they offered. I think they like number 15. Like a couple months ago."

Sam Webb: I remember talking to E.J. Levenberry's dad – at one point, weren't you supposed to come up for a visit with them?

Jalen Tabor: "Yes, I was, but I couldn't make it."

Sam Webb: What are your visit plans now for the spring and summer?

Jalen Tabor: "I'm definitely planning on making it out to South Carolina or Alabama."

Sam Webb: Have Coach Mallory or Coach Montgomery talked to you at all about getting up to Ann Arbor for a visit?

Jalen Tabor: "Yeah, I'm definitely going to go up there sometime before I make my decision."

Sam Webb: You think that's probably going to be in the fall, though, or do you think you might be able to make it in the summer?

Jalen Tabor: "I don't know. Probably next year. I don't know. But I'm definitely going to get up there."

Sam Webb: So lets talk about your decision-making process. What are going to be the biggest factor in your choice?

Jalen Tabor: "I would say playing time, TV time, coaches that I trust, academics, and just the best overall fit for me."

Sam Webb: Alright, so toughest question I'm going to ask you. Do you have a favorite at this point?

Jalen Tabor: "No favorite right now."

Sam Webb: Do you have a top list, a top list of schools at this point? Top five or so?

Jalen Tabor: "Yeah, I have like eight; like Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Maryland, Miami, and Virginia Tech."

Sam Webb: And when do you think you're going to be making the decision?

Jalen Tabor: "Signing Day, or at the Army Bowl."

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