'14 Ohio LM Impressed with Michigan Visit

2014 Massillon Washington offensive/defensive lineman Nathaniel Devers was on Michigan's campus this Saturday. GBW was able to catch up with Devers as he talked about his visit, his reaction to wearing a Michigan jersey, his meeting with coach Hoke, and more.

Massillon Washington offensive lineman Nathaniel Devers is quickly becoming a hot recruiting commodity. Only a sophomore, Devers was on Michigan's campus Saturday for some one-on-one time with the Maize & Blue coaching staff and came away impressed.

"I wasn't raised on Michigan as much," Devers told GoBlueWolverine.com. "After being up there and meeting the coaches and everything, it was a beautiful campus. It was great. I really like the coaches. I always said my main thing in picking a college is going to be my relationship with the head coach and the O-line coach, and how I get along with them. I can believe in a coach's philosophy and everything else. If I were to get an offer from Michigan early they would definitely be one of my top schools. They are definitely that right now. That was the best visit I have been on. They treated me the best. And I just felt a part of the family up there."

His favorite part of the trip was when he had an opportunity to wear a Michigan jersey for the first time.

"I got that jersey on. And I'll tell you what, I looked pretty good in Blue," Devers said excitedly.

Currently Devers holds an offer from Toledo, but he feels a Michigan offer could be coming soon. He said offensive line coach Darrel Funk likes his highlight tape, but wants to see more film before the Wolverines extend an offer.

"He liked how I finished my blocks," Devers said about Funk. "And he wants to watch a full game—and maybe after he watches that he will want to give me an offer. So hopefully it is pretty soon."

The Michigan attention has impressed Devers.

"It makes you feel honored that I am good enough. That I am one of the select kids Michigan is looking at. They are serious about recruiting me."

Devers said he recently made a trip to Wisconsin to check in on the reigning Big Ten champs. He said he was impressed with the campus, but came away disappointed after the trip.

"Their campus is nice and stuff; the thing I didn't really didn't like about Wisconsin is I didn't talk to coach (Bret) Bielema," Devers said about his visit to Madison. "And coach Hoke, I was originally supposed to go to Michigan at 11 AM, but coach Hoke wanted me there at 9 AM so he could meet with me and talk to me. So I talked to him for about 45 minutes. That was a great experience. I really like coach Hoke. He is real down to earth. He seemed like my kind of guy—my kind of coach who I could see myself playing for."

As far as making a college decision, Devers says he plans on making his choice in the spring of his junior year. He is coming off a sophomore season where he finished 1st team All-County, 1st team All-District and Honorable Mention All-State. He says he plans on camping at Michigan this summer and would like to visit for a game this fall.

"I would like a sideline pass and meet some of the players and stuff," Devers said. "That would be cool to meet some of the players and talk to them, and see how they like coach Hoke. And maybe stay the night up there."

Devers says he isn't fully developed physically, and how he continues to grow will decide his future position in college.

"I am only 16. I am still growing. My doctor says I am supposed to be around 6-foot-6. Right now I am about 6-foot-4, 270-pounds. I am pretty strong." And as far as a college position. "They (recruiters) don't really know, I am more of just an athlete. They don't know if I am going to play defense or offense. I'm glad to play where I am going to help the team the most. "

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