Qualls excited about Michigan attention

The highly regarded 2013 Defensive Line prospect out of California had a nice surprise earlier this week at his school. Elijah talks about that surprise and what is important to him in his recruiting process.     

The Michigan football staff has been out making visiting high schools again this week. They made it out to California to look at top defensive line prospect Elijah Qualls out of Casa Grande. Coach Ferrigno is his main recruiter. Although coaches usually travel alone in the spring, thim time Ferrigno brought a friend that impressed Qualls.

"Coach Ferrigno was in my high school along with Coach Montgomery (Michigan's defensive line coach). I couldn't believe he came up to see me."

  It was that little tag team show of love that impressed the two-way player from Cali.

"With Coach Montgomery coming all the way out here to see me, that shows how important I am to them. It really meant a lot to me. Coach Ferrigno and Coach Montgomery are very serious about me coming to Michigan with the way they showed up at my school."

All of this started with a simple phone call to let him know they were interested in his services.

"When they first called and told me they wanted to recruit me, I was very happy about the offer I received from Michigan."

Elijah Qualls has known about Michigan since last year when he begins looking at what type of team they were.

"I had been watching them on TV and I really like their aggressive style of play. They do it on both sides of the ball. Michigan does a lot of different things on both sides of the ball."

Having the chance to go to college holds a special significance to this young man and what it would mean to his family.

"I have the chance to be one of the first in my family to go to college, so when I look at schools it is just not for football. Academics and family are very important to me at the college that I attend, and graduation rates are key as well. I have very good academic support at my high school -- they are very good people which helps me be a better person."

Qualls does understand that it is football and his hard work in school that is giving him this opportunity. So he does have some thoughts on what he is looking for in the colleges that are recruiting him.

"I would like to play my freshman year; I want a team that is serious about winning, and teammates that I like."

As far as distance it doesn't seem to be too big a deal for him as he looks at it to learn from a new place.

"Distance does not matter. I mean, if I stay close my family could see me. Leaving home allows for new experiences -- new people, new places to learn from. I just want a good college to attend."

A Michigan visit is likely on the horizon for Qualls as he looks at the five official visits that he can take.

"I would say yes, Michigan will get one of my official visits."  

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