TE Blazevich Wants to Check out Mich. Winter

There are only a few schools outside of the southern region that c/o 2014 Charlotte (NC) Christian TE/ATH Jeb Blazevich is interested in learning more about, and Michigan is one of them. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the recent Michigan offer recipient to discuss his interest in the Maize & Blue, his current leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: Let’s start off talking about how things went for you on the football field last year.

Jeb Blazevich: “Like I tell most people, I didn’t really have outstanding stats.  Our team went 5-5, which is just unacceptable.  I feel like personally I was working hard all season.  I had personal goals I reached.  I had a great quarterback, Eric Lynch, and other great players like Desmond Lawrence who just committed (to North Carolina) pushing me every day.  They pushed me every day and gave me good opportunities to catch the ball.  I caught almost every ball I got my hands on.  I think I let maybe one slip away from me.  Besides that I caught every ball.  That’s how I would sum up.  I worked hard and did my job, and that’s all I can really do.  I had 32 receptions for over 500 yards and something like six touchdowns, and also 69 tackles.”

Sam Webb: What position do you play on defense?

Jeb Blazevich: “Linebacker, but our defense is such that I’m pretty much a stand-up defensive end.”

Sam Webb: So tell me a little bit about your game.  When we watch Jeb Blazevich on the field, what will we see?

Jeb Blazevich: “Well whenever I watch myself on film I just sort of feel like I’m always working until the end of the play.  Whether I do well or not I’m always working toward hitting somebody or doing something.  I catch the ball well.  I tend to pride myself on that.  I had some pretty acrobatic catches last year.  I think that was something I sort of did well.  And like I said, my quarterback Eric Lynch put me in great spot to be able to do that.”

Sam Webb: What’s your current height your weight and your forty time?

Jeb Blazevich: “I’m 6-5, 235, and my forty time hasn’t been tested since I put on a lot of weight.  One of the coaches said I look like a 4.75, so I’m just sort of going off of that right now.”

Sam Webb: Clearly a number of schools have already noticed your talents.  Do you recall off the top of your head how many scholarship offers you have now?

Jeb Blazevich: “Yes.  I have 11; UNC, Duke, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio State, Maryland, Ole Miss, LSU, UVA, Miami, and then the last one was from Michigan.”

Sam Webb: There are a lot of pro-style offenses in there, but there is some spread in there as well.  Is the style of offense employed by the schools a big deal for you?

Jeb Blazevich: “Honestly I can say no… not right now.  I’m just blown back by how fast this is coming.  I’m still a young man.  In two years who knows what I’ll end up looking like.  I feel like right now I fit more of a hybrid, spread type of offense, but in two more years that could be completely different.  I could be the next d-end or something.  So not right now.  That’s doesn’t play a really big part because I still have a lot of growing and maturing to do…. and my body does too.  I just have to wait and see what I turn into.”

Sam Webb: What do you know about Michigan at this point?  Was that a school you were paying much attention to before they came through with an offer?

Jeb Blazevich: “Basically what happened is we sat down with my coach and he asked me a few questions about whether I wanted to be a national or regional recruit.  We sort of decided that I really wanted to stay in the south except for (a few specific) schools.  Michigan was definitely on there.  I don’t really know anything about them.  I just know great football, great tradition, and their alumni is everywhere.  You get out of there with a Michigan degree and you’re going to find somebody that will hook you up with a job no matter where you go.”

Sam Webb: What did Michigan say to you about position at this early point in your recruitment?

Jeb Blazevich: “I’m pretty sure they’re feeling tight end.  Coach Montgomery said, ‘look, we’re going to the spread right now because we’d be stupid if we didn’t’ with the quarterback they have there.  He said they’re going to get back to Michigan football, which is more the pro-style offense. I’m feeling like they would want me with my hand down, knocking some heads, and going out to catch the ball.  Honestly I’ve had a lot of coaches say, ‘you could turn into a center if you keep growing.  If you’re one of the best 11 you’ll be there (somewhere).”

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate getting up to visit Michigan anytime soon or do you think that’s something that might wait until your senior year?

Jeb Blazevich: “I definitely want to be committed before my senior year, so I’m going to try to explore my options.  I feel like Michigan is one of those places where I want to experience the atmosphere.  I’m definitely going to plan to get up there.  I was talking to my parents about this… we need to get up there during the winter because I know the heat, but I don’t really know the cold yet.  We feel like we need to get up there during the winter to get a little taste of that.”

Sam Webb: What about some of the other factors in your decision? 

Jeb Blazevich: “Well, I’m a man of faith so really I feel like wherever God wants to put me he will, so little things like temperature and distance… in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t matter at all.  The biggest things I’ll look are the coaches’ integrity, the development of me as a player and of my mind because everyone will tell you this… football is eventually going to end.  Also just a winning program and winning tradition because without those things football isn’t too fun (laughter).”

Sam Webb: Growing up was there a particular program that you were a fan of?

Jeb Blazevich: “I can honestly say no.  I just always enjoyed the game, but I didn’t have a home team. My mom is an alum of Ole Miss and they weren’t really doing too good.  My dad went to Northwestern and both those schools are just so far away that I didn’t really have a strong allegiance to one or the other.”

Sam Webb: Have you established a list of favorites yet?

Jeb Blazevich: “That’s something I really need to work on.  My coach says he wants that done as soon as possible, but I really feel like I can’t really do that until the end of the season.  That’s going to be the absolute latest.  I know I need to get that going, but the season will tell all… which coaches are going to be there, which ones are going to get fired and all that.  I’m definitely working on it, but nothing yet.”

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