Is 2014 Indy LB Close to a UM Offer?

Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence Central LB Brandon Lee has been on the receiving end of significant attention from Michigan this spring. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the rising c/o 2014 prospect to discuss his game, his recruitment, his visit plans, his interest in the Wolverines, and more.

Sam Webb: Tell me how it went for you on the football field last year.

Brandon Lee: “I had a pretty good season.  It was my sophomore year and we went 9-2. I had around 85 tackles, one interception, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and two sacks.”

Sam Webb: What is your current height weight and forty time?

Brandon Lee: “6-2, 210, and I run a 4.7.”

Sam Webb: Be a scout for a moment and tell me about Brandon Lee.  Break his game down for more.

Brandon Lee: “Athletic linebacker, physical at the line, he is quick and is a ball hawk.”

Sam Webb: What about recruiting?  What scholarship offers do you have on the table at this point?

Brandon Lee:  “Right now I only have four… Indiana, Ball State, Purdue, and Iowa.”

Sam Webb: I’ve heard Michigan has been showing you some attention…

Brandon Lee: “Yeah, they’ve stopped by two times this spring, including once last Friday.  I’ve been talking to Coach Mallory a lot… every week or so.  They’ve been showing a lot of interest so I’m probably going to go up for a visit sometime this June.”

Sam Webb: Do you think you’re going to make it to Ann Arbor for camp or are you going to come up for a regular visit?

Brandon Lee: “They told me that I don’t even have to come to the camp.  They said I could just come up on the visit.  They told me I could do the camp if I wanted to, but basically they said they know what I can do.”

Sam Webb: So what’s the vibe like between you and Coach Mallory?

Brandon Lee:  “It seems like he is really interested in me even though he is not my position coach.  It just seems like he really likes me.  He stopped by twice.  I thought, ‘yeah, they must have a lot of interest in me if they stopped by twice.’”

Sam Webb: What have they said to you about a possible offer if anything?

Brandon Lee: “Basically they said they don’t want to just throw one at me.  They said they want to kind of take their time and make sure they get to know me first.  They said I’m pretty close to getting an offer.”

Sam Webb: So what do you know about Michigan at this point? Did you really know anything about them before they started looking at you or are you just starting to learn about them now?

Brandon Lee: “I know about them.  I know past players and things like that.  I know they are usually a top contender, they’re usually ranked in the top 25, and they’re usually one of the best Big Ten teams.  But I’m not really into the whole (rooting for a) school thing.”

Sam Webb: So there wasn’t a school that you grew up watching and liking?

Brandon Lee: “Not really.  Right now I’m just really enjoying it all.  I like all of the schools that are showing interest right now.  I don’t really have a top school or anything like that.”

Sam Webb: Have you visited any of those schools before?

Brandon Lee: “I went to (Indiana) this spring and I’ve been up to Ball State to watch one of their practices, but I haven’t made it anywhere else.  I might go out to Kentucky this Friday.”

Sam Webb: So pretend you’re getting ready to make your decision… what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Brandon Lee: “Academics.  I focus on my academics a lot.  I’m carrying a 3.7 cumulative right now, so I focus on my academics a lot.  And just the athletic program and the tradition of the school and things like that. Just if it fits me… if I feel like I’m at home.”

Sam Webb: Do you think distance from home is going to be a factor for you at all?

Brandon Lee: “Not really.  I would kind of like to stay close to home somewhat, but it’s not a huge factor.”

Sam Webb: Have you thought about when you’d like to make a decision yet?

Brandon Lee: “Yeah, I was thinking maybe towards the end of next summer or sometime during my senior season… something like that.”

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