'14 OT Knox To Visit OSU, Michigan In June

Mammoth 2014 Fort Worth, Texas offensive tackle Demetrius Knox has some big time offers heading into his junior year. Knox talks to GBW about his connections to the Midwest, his thoughts on the Wolverines, and his busy visit schedule this summer.

Reeling in two straight impressive offensive line classes in 2012 and 2013, the Michigan coaching staff continues to look to bolster the tackles unit in the class of 2014. One massive prospect that recently heard from the Wolverines is All Saints Episcopal High School offensive tackle, Demetrius Knox.

"I called Coach Funk and I talked to him a week or two ago for a while and he just told me that he loves my highlight tape, he loves the way I play and he thinks I could be a great asset to their team in two years," Knox told GBW. "He wants me to stay in touch and he really wants me to come up to Michigan soon."

After several conversations with the Wolverines, Knox was on the receiving end of a full ride scholarship to Michigan, a program very familiar to the Ohio native.

"Since I'm just a sophomore they really can't talk to me so they told my head coach and he told me," said Knox of learning about the scholarship offer. "That was crazy. I mean, because I'm from Ohio, I mean, I have a lot of respect for Michigan. I'm not the typical Ohio State fan that just hates Michigan, I actually really like them."

Knox grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and his family moved to Texas when he was in the seventh grade. Although Knox wasn't even a teenager at the time of the move, his boyhood affinity for the in-state Buckeyes went to Texas with him.

"Yeah you could say that," said Knox of rooting for Ohio State as a child.

Despite following the Ohio State football program very closely growing up, Knox insists the fan inside doesn't necessarily mean the Buckeyes have a huge advantage in the race for his services.

"I mean [OSU is] basically like every other program," said Knox as to how he'll treat Ohio State. "I mean, I'm trying to take out the fact that since I grew up a fan, I'm trying to put that, like whether that makes them ahead of the game—I'm trying to take that out of the situation and I'm just trying to treat everybody like any other college," said Knox.

Setting up as possibly a classic Michigan/Ohio State off-season fist fight, the rivals will have the opportunity to impress and interact with Knox this summer, when both will play host to the road grading tackle.

"I'll be coming up sometime in June probably," said Knox. "I'll be going to visit Ohio State and then I'll be heading up to Michigan."

With Michigan and Ohio State set to receive a visit from Knox, several other schools throughout the country will open up their doors hoping to jump to the forefront in this recruitment.

"I'll be all over," said Knox. "I'll hit up Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, UCLA, Nebraska—everywhere."

While most schools will have an itinerary in mind while Knox is on campus, Knox himself has a checklist ready to ensure he ultimately makes the right decision for the future.

"Two things I'm really interested in is: one—I have to feel like I can connect well with the coaching staff there and I really have to feel like the team is like, they're ready to go out there and play, they're ready to win, not playing around too much; and another thing— I have to ignore the football program at the same time because when I decide on which college I'm going to I want to pick a school, not just for the football program because head coaches up and leave almost everyday, so I want to pick a college where I love everything about it."

Offers from Alabama, Nebraska, UCLA and Texas A&M, among others, are a major indication of Knox's superior ability to knock people around in-between the hash marks. And that confidence that oozes out of the young man only enhances his game.

"Not to be cocky but I think I can do it all. But if I had to describe my game I would have to say I'm quick and I never let up," said Knox in describing his game. "I'll hit you until the whistle blows."

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