Illinois NFTC OL MVP on UM's Radar (Part 2)

Michigan played host to 2014 Iowa offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher yesterday just a day after garnering Top OL honors at NFTC in Champaign, Illinois. Pierschbacher talks to GBW about his time in Ann Arbor, his relationship with Coach Funk, and when he's planning on returning to Michigan.

With a medal around his neck after being named Top OL at the NFTC Nike Combine in Champaign, Illinois, 2014 Iowa offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher headed up Interstates 57 and 94 to Ann Arbor Sunday evening for a Monday visit with the Wolverines.

"I got up [Monday] morning, met the coaches at 9:30, you know, walked around the football facilities," Pierschbacher told GoBlueWolverine. "We got to talk to some academic advisors for quite a bit and went on a campus tour, and came back and met with the strength coach, then met with all the coaches. We talked to the coaches for quite a while and that was it."

Hoping to hear more in regards to a possible scholarship offer, Pierschbacher wasn't able to sit down with Coach Hoke, but he did have the opportunity to get to know Offensive Line Coach Darrell Funk, who would be in his ear the most if he chose to spend his college years in Ann Arbor.

"Coach Hoke was actually gone today," said Pierschbacher. "He was on the road, he had to do some speeches. I didn't get a chance to meet up with him. But, you know, we didn't really talk much about scholarships today with Coach Funk. I think I'm going to come back for a game, or maybe if they invite me back to the cookout July 29th—so I'll be back up."

"We (Pierschbacher and Coach Funk) had a pretty long meeting and just kind of told a little bit about each other—where they're headed as a program and what I'm looking for. It was a good meeting."

In addition to recruiting the young men performing on the field, part of college football recruiting is trying to get the parents on board with what their children might want. It appears Michigan got the job done and impressed Pierschbacher's father.

"He liked it," said Pierschbacher. "He really liked the academic part of it too, of course, being a parent. He was very impressed with all of the support they have for their athletes."

When asked if there was a favorite part of the visit, Pierschbacher's first thought, like most offensive linemen, centered around ‘the taste of the town', with a dinner visit to one of the hot spots on Michigan's campus.

"We went out to eat afterwards, just me and my dad to Blimpie Burger, so that was pretty good," said Pierschbacher laughing. "Had some good food there."

As far as the visit overall, he said, "Nothing extremely stood out—just, I guess, how they set you up for after football, you know, job wise they prepare you. So I was pretty impressed with that. And just hearing some of the stories, I'd say that was probably the most impressive thing I've heard from, you know, anyone."

At 6'3 ½, 267 pounds, Pierschbacher still has room to grow, and with two more years before college, his future position isn't something he, nor the Michigan coaching staff, are worried about right now.

"Coach Funk said he could see me playing all three positions" Pierschbacher said, "so he just said they're going to play the five best guys so it doesn't really matter where you're playing on the field. He said he sees me at all three positions, and just depending on how the next two years go—you know, size and growth wise—that I could be playing all three."

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