McQuay narrows things down, sets date

Safety Leon McQuay out of Armwood High School in Seffner, Florida -- Scout300's #93 prospect -- has begun the process of closing in on a college. Leon talked with GBW about the three schools that he is still interested in, and why. And he sets a decision date.

Leon McQuay is the type of player that, with his smarts and football skills, teams crave. And if you have talked with Leon McQuay then you know there are three things that he has a passion for: academics, football and music. So as he started the procedure of cutting down his list of schools, three stood out to him as having what he is looking for.

"My top three schools in no particular order are Michigan, USC and Vanderbilt," he told GoBlueWolverine. "All those schools have what I am looking for: academics, solid coaching staffs, good football programs, and music programs."

The recruiting process was moving along slowly for McQuay, but that has changed recently with Leon looking to graduate early and enroll at a university by January. So he's narrowed things to thee finalists -- and he told us what he likes about all of them.

Michigan: "I really like the coaches and the school -- it's a nice place up there."

Vanderbilt: "They have a nice campus, and because I have been there three times I am more familiar with them. I like their coaches as well."

USC: "I like the weather and the football program. I haven't visited there yet, but I will after the Nike camp (The Opening) in Oregon."

Coaches are certainly keeping in contact with him and working hard to secure his services.

"Yesterday I spoke with defensive coordinator Greg Mattison, and we did some catching up. It was a good conversation. Head Coach Lane Kiffin from USC called and we talked a little as well. Coach Gaddis, the wide receivers coach at Vanderbilt, talks with me some as well."

With Leon cutting down his list to three schools, is there a decision date that he has in mind? In fact, there is.

"Yes, I do have a decision day in mind," he said. It is November 21, 2012, my birthday --- that is when I will announce my decision."

That late-fall date will of course give him time to make additional visits to his finalists.  

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