"What's Not to Like About Michigan!"

Wednesday evening I spoke with Phoenix, Ariz, Brophy Prep phenom <b>Uriah Marshall</b>. Marshall is considered one of the top DB prospects on the west coast, and has been in the eye of U-M Coach Ron English for some time.

Uriah Marshall (6-0, 180 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 2.5 GPA, June 14 SAT) moved to cornerback the first game of his sophomore year of high school: "They brought my up to varsity to play safety, but then when the game started I was put in at cornerback, and I've been there ever since."

Being one of the top players in the Phoenix area, he was also being recruited by Coach English while the latter was at Arizona State: "I've known Coach English since I was a sophomore. He's always told me I'm a great player and that he wants me to play for him, and since he's moved to Michigan he still keeps in contact. He was at one of my spring practices this year and really helped me become a better player. I like him a lot."

Do you have a top five?

"Arizona State is on top right now, they are the local school and I have a cousin that plays there. That's where I met Coach English too. Then I'd say, in order, Washington, Michigan, Cal, and UCLA."

What schools have offered?

"Right now I have offers from ASU, Washington, and UCLA. Coach English gave me a verbal offer over the phone but I haven't received an official letter or talked to Coach Carr."

What do you like about Michigan?

"What's not to like about Michigan? The tradition, the stadium -- I mean Brophy plays in front of 17,000 - 20,000 poeple and I like that. I would love to play in front of 109,000. The school spirit is great there. The weather is sure different there than it is here in Phoenix, but that's okay. While I've never played in snow I have been in it when I've gone to visit friends at NAU (Northern Arizona Univeristy)."

What are going to be factors in your decision?

"The athletics are going to be very important, I want to go to a school that is competitive. And I want to be a real estate agent so I want a program that will get me ready to go into the business world. I want to see what kind of player a school uses at cornerback. I also want to talk to the players and see what they think of the coaches. It's really a blessing to be recruited by the kinds of schools I am being contacted by, so I just want to work hard, concentrate on football and school, and stay out of trouble."

Do you have any visits set up?

"I don't have any official visits set up now. The schools I definitely want to visit are ASU, Michigan, and Washington."

How is the coaching situation at Washington effecting your decision?

"That one kind of hit me from out of nowhere. Coach Neuheisal offered me about two weeks before everything happened and I was surprised at all that, but I can't decide on a school based just on the coaches, so they are still in it."

Tell me about yourself as a player.

"Speed kills, and I'm pretty fast and I'm getting faster. I've been working real hard on my footwork. I sometimes think too much and react a second slow, but I'm working at that too. I want to be the best player I can be and I'm still learning this position. When the rankings came out and I wasn't number one I decided I'm going to work even harder to get to number one."

What are your plans for the summer?

"I'm going up to the Northern Arizona University camp tomorrow, then I'll go to the ASU and Arizona camps. We're also working out four days a week at school and we have passing leagues. We're going to UNLV, NAU, ASU, and Long Beach sometime in July."

Will your family be involved in your decision?

"They are my number one consideration. I have thirteen brothers and sisters, plus my mom and my grandmother, and they have all been very supportive of me through all of this. They tell me they will come watch me play no matter where I choose, so leaving Arizona isn't a problem."

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