Michigan Offer on Horizon for Booker?

During his most recent visit to Ann Arbor last week, c/o 2014 Moss Point (MS) combo guard Devin Booker got an even better feel for Michigan's program, its coaches, and where he sits on their target list.

Sam Webb: So you made it back to Michigan for a visit last Friday. Take me through what you did this time around?

Devin Booker: “I toured the campus, met all the coaches, got to see all the schools and the new facilities; it was nice.”

Sam Webb: Was that something you hadn’t done before last time you were up this way?

Devin Booker: “I had seen it, but the facilities weren’t completely done, and I only went to the academic center the first time. This time I went to, you know, the business schools, law schools, and ate lunch there.”

Sam Webb: So what about mom? What did your mom think of the visit? What does she think about Michigan?

Devin Booker: “She likes Michigan a lot. She grew up a Michigan fan, with living here her whole life.  She always liked Michigan."

Sam Webb: Were any of the players around?

Devin Booker: “Yeah, they were just doing workouts. I think the bigs worked out, you know, Horford and Morgan. Jordan Morgan went with us, and when we toured the campus, he was with us also.”

Sam Webb: What was Bacari Alexander saying to you on the visit?

Devin Booker: “(Laughter) just being himself; cracking jokes, you know. You know, some of his stories that he tells you about are things that you wouldn’t even think of.”

Sam Webb: I know that they aren’t offering any guys from your class yet – but did they talk to you at all about where you are on their board?

Devin Booker: “Yeah, they say that most likely I’m going to be getting an offer on June 15.”

Sam Webb: What other offers do you have right now?

Devin Booker: “Right now, it’s Arkansas, Mississippi State, Mississippi, and Florida.”

Sam Webb: As where Michigan envisions you, you could play the one, you could play the two, you could play the three. Did they talk any more about how they see you fitting into their mix?

Devin Booker: “They want me to be one of the guards  - the one or the two. On and off the ball.”

Sam Webb: So let’s say for the sake of argument that the offer comes from Michigan on June 15… where would that put them on your list at that point?

Devin Booker: “You know, Michigan’s always going to be there. They’re the first school to, you know, be with me and contact me, so, Michigan will be up there.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about the summer. I know when I saw you it looked like your team was just starting to come together. How have you guys come along since then, and how do you feel like your game is progressing?

Devin Booker: “We’re starting to do better, but we – we always win the first half. Every game we play, we win the first half, and I don’t know, we only play one half, and get it up at the end. We’d either play the first half or the second half; we never put two together. So it’s hard to win a game like that.”

Sam Webb: What about you individually? What about from the beginning of the spring until now? What do you feel like you’re better at, and what do you still want to get better at going forward?

Devin Booker: “Well, I feel like I’m improving on my defensive side, and that’s the side I want to improve on more – defense and rebounding.  Like I said before, that’s what my dad stresses, defense will lead to offense, and I think my offensive game is more – like, I’m better at it right now.”

Sam Webb: What about other visits? Do you feel like you’re going to be able to make it to some other campuses this summer?

Devin Booker: “Actually, I might go to Missouri this weekend. I’m going for the Elite 100 in St. Louis, so, Columbia’s pretty close to St. Louis. I might ride over.”

Sam Webb: Are you going to attend any more camps or anything this month?
Devin Booker: “It depends on how I do at the Elite 100 if I make the next camps or not.”

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