Michigan impresses Cali D-lineman

Eddie Vanderdoes, a 2013 defensive tackle prospect from Auburn, CA has really enjoyed the early recruiting process. Recently Vanderdoes enjoyed it even more when he received a visit from a Midwest school that he is interested in. He talks about what the visit meant to him and how he feels about them.

For most recruits, having the chance to see the same college football coaches on television that are now recruiting you is a dream. When you speak with them, it gives you a whole other impression than you once had about them. That is certainly the case for Eddie Vanderdoes.

"I have to get use to talking with these coaches that I would generally see on Saturday's coaching their football teams," he told GBW. "When we speak on the phone I realize these guys are just normal everyday people and that is the nice part about that."

One of those coaches that he is referring to is Michigan's head football coach Brady Hoke. Vanderdoes had a conversation with Coach Hoke and came away impressed.

"I like his approach He is not a guy that forces things, he is not a phony We just had a really nice talk. I like Coach Hoke."

Vanderdoes also had the chance to speak with other coaches on the Michigan staff and have the opportunity to get to know them as well.

"I talked with Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison," he said. "He is a great guy and a great Defensive Coordinator. We had a great conversation -- he talked to me about how I would fit into the defense and how bad they need defensive tackles. And I was visited a few weeks ago by Jerry Montgomery and we spoke on the phone. He is a great guy as well -- he is young and not too far removed from playing, and we are somewhat close in age. He is easy to talk to. And I like how he teaches the game -- Coach Montgomery is not laid, back he wants you to work hard and I like that about him."

Vanderdoes also has an understanding about Michigan and what they bring to the table in terms of the type of college they are.

"I like Michigan's program -- they are one of the faces of college football. They have a great atmosphere at the (Big House) and a lot of tradition. Their style fits well with the way I play Michigan -- has a physical D-line and that's what I see with them. Michigan most likely will be one of my five official visits."

There are a few suitors that are coming after him very hard, and that part he appreciates.

"The schools that are coming at me the hardest right now are Michigan, Washington, Nebraska, Penn State and Cal. They send me handwritten letters, and they come to see me -- so I would say those schools are really coming after me."

Eddie has an idea of what he wants in a schoo,l and the direction his recruiting is going go in.

"I want a school that is going to be like family, like a home almost. I want to be close to my position coach -- that is going to be huge. The academic support that they have will be very important to me, along with the depth chart."

And he added, "Distance will not be a factor in my decision."

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