Grant Evans Enjoys Michigan, Part One

2014 Indiana combo guard Grant Evans made his way up to Ann Arbor one night prior to Saturday's Michigan Elite Camp for an unofficial visit with the Michigan coaching staff. Evans talks to GBW about his interaction with the coaches, talks of an offer and his impressions of the new facilities.

The Michigan basketball coaching staff seemingly never leaves the state of Indiana when it comes to stealing basketball talent from the Hoosier state and the Wolverines have found another intriguing prospect in 2014 combo guard Grant Evans. The quick left-hander appeared on Michigan's radar prior to touching a basketball as a sophomore in high school, making it up to Ann Arbor for a football game against Eastern Michigan last fall.

"It was crazy, you know, being in the big house," Evans told GoBlueWolverine. "We got to go on the field and it was pretty much sold out so just being down there with all those people was just crazy. Before the game we had a tailgate I think in front of some building but it was real neat because we got to hang out with a lot of players and got to talk to the coaches so it was pretty cool."

After a strong sophomore year and productive spring in AAU, Evans decided to make a return trip to Ann Arbor the night before Michigan's Elite Camp to grasp an even better feel for the Wolverines coaching staff.

"I went up a day early, you know, just so I could get a more in depth look at everything," said Evans. "I just wanted to look around, see the practice facility and then tour campus so it was a good visit and I got to see a lot."

While on the visit, Evans was escorted around by all three assistant coaches, with Coach Beilein getting some one on one time throughout the evening as well.

"All the assistant coaches were with me the whole time and then we met up with Coach Beilein a couple times and went out to dinner with him."

"They just talked a lot about the university," Evans said, "and they didn't talk too much about basketball but when they did they just told me to keep working. And although I'm not going to get an offer on the 15th they're definitely going to keep recruiting me and they like the type of player I am and if I can develop then, you know, that might come."

While plenty of the dialogue throughout the visit revolved around basketball, Evans relished the opportunity to get to know the coaches on a different level.

"I liked that, you know, just talking about different things like what I do back at home so it was nice not to talk about basketball the whole time," said Evans.

When it came time to discuss Evans possible role in the offense in Ann Arbor, the 6'2, 180 pounder was very receptive to the idea of following in the footsteps of two fellow Indiana transplants.

"When we sat down, they talked about who I played like," said Evans. "And we watched videos and they were showing me their offense, and they definitely said they see me as a one and a two kind of like a Zack Novak or Stu Douglass kind of thing, like a combo. I feel comfortable with both but on my high school team I'm mainly a two and I play the point too so I'd be comfortable."

In order to work on his various skills, back home, Evans has unlimited access to a court, something that wouldn't change were he to end up in Maize and Blue.

"That's the thing I like about that, he said. "You know, a lot of places have a practice facility and it's open to the players twenty-four seven—so, you know, if you want to go and get some shots up you have access to do that. So it's pretty sweet."

In Part Two with Indiana combo guard Grant Evans, the versatile Indiana product details his performance at Michigan's Elite Camp, the individual coaching he received and more.

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