CA WR Carrington getting to know Michigan

Recently Darren Carrington, 2013 receiver out of San Diego, has been receiving quite a bit of attention from schools all over the country, including Michigan. Darren tells GBW he is trying to learn about the schools that have piqued his interest.

The recruiting process is something that you either can enjoy and allow it to benefit you, or it can become a burden to you. For Darren Carrington he has used it to his advantage.

  "Going through the development of being contacted by college coaches has been good for me," he told GoBlueWolverine.  "I am getting my name out there when I go to camps. I make sure I play hard so that the coaches will hear about me and notice me."

One such school that has taken a liking to him is Michigan, which recently visited him to let him know their interest in his skill set.

  "I just was recently visited by Coach Ferrigno," he said, "and we talked on the phone. He likes the way I play. I have interest in Michigan and I am looking forward to knowing more about them. I like their atmosphere at football games up there -- it is just great."

While he has not been on campus to visit as of yet he did receive some good news from his father about them.

  "My dad talked to me a week or so ago and told me that Michigan had offered me a scholarship. That was exciting. I hope that we can make a possible visit up there."

Darren has had a chance to watch the Maize and Blue in action, and it's no surprise who he enjoys observing on the football field.

  "Denard Robinson that is my guy! I am very impressed that whenever he needs to make a play be does it -- by passing or running the football. He is exciting to watch. He is fast and I love watching him play."

What coaches like about Carrington is his jumping ability, playing the ball well while it is in the air, and running good routes.

  As he approaches choosing a college he just wants where he fits in best.

  "Just having a good atmosphere to go to school and play football. I am working hard so making sure I will have the opportunity to play early. I want to be in a family oriented program where my teammates are fun to be around along with my coaches."

Some of the schools close to home for Carrington are keeping an eye on him, like USC who he visited on Tuesday. Next Tuesday he will be on his way to see Oregon and Oregon State. Is he looking to stay on the West Coast? He says not necessarily.

  "Distance will not be a problem or a factor for me. If I can find the right place for me it will not matter where I attend college."


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