Diop enjoys his Michigan experience

2014 prospect Keita Bates-Diop had the chance in one week to attend Michigan's one day elite camp, take in a visit there, and also receive something he has been looking forward to for quite some time. Bates-Diop chats with GBW about his U-M offer, the one day elite camp, and his visit.

When your birthday comes and you are looking for that special gift that you really want, you put hints out there making sure those close to you know what it is. Well Keita Bates-Diop wanted an offer -- but, unlike a gift, a scholarship from the University of Michigan comes from hard work and commitment, not just hints.

So on June 15 around 8:30 in the morning Keita Bates-Diop received a call that he had been waiting on. Keita was hoping that call was surely about his hard work and dedication -- because for Michigan to offer it is not only just about basketball, but to his commitment in the classroom as well as his character.

"Coach John Beilein called from the office where all of the coaches were there on speakerphone," Bates-Diop told GoBlueWolverine, "and he offered me a scholarship to the University of Michigan. I was very excited about the offer -- once again it meant that my hard work has paid off."

Michigan made only two offers that day and Bates-Diop certainly was one of them. He had a chance to speak with all the coaches.

"They were all very excited about offering me. Coach Lavell Jordan was really excited he said he wanted me to choose to be a Michigan Wolverine for the future."

Keita Bates-Diop has been known to the Michigan coaches for quite some time now. They have followed him around since last year and have not fallen off his wagon at all. He has shown them love, coming to their camp and visiting campus -- and they have showed it right back by keeping a watchful eye during AAU season. Playing in the practice facility, Diop appreciated the opportunity being there.

"Overall I really enjoyed the chance to be there," he said. "The camp was run smoothly by the Michigan staff. I liked that we were put through a college practice to see how Michigan does things during their season. The practice facility is an extremely nice place. I will definitely take the skills and tools I learned there back home with me to be a better player."

The Bates-Diop family decided to stay an extra day and take in a visit with the Michigan basketball staff and look at the campus again.

"Me and my family talked with Coach Beilein, and I had an opportunity to meet with him individually and talk."

What was discussed in that meeting with Coach Beilein?

"Coach just told me to be more assertive and aggressive when I am on the floor playing. He also talked about me working out and getting better as a basketball player. The conversation that he and I had is something that I will take to heart and work hard to get to where I want to be."

Keita also had the chance to get an even better feel for all the coaches after spending time with all of them inside the practice facility.

"I am very comfortable with their staff and the environment there. As I said I spoke with with Coach Beilein, and he is a cool guy that I can talk to about more than just basketball. Coach Jeff Meyer's is nice -- he has a lot of insight on many things. Coach Bacari Alexander is fun to be around and is easy going. Coach Lavell Jordan is a real cool coach -- he is a young guy that relates to players real well considering he played coach ball. I can talk to him about many things that do not include basketball, And what he says is the truth about college basketball since he has experienced it."

The 2014 prospect also has an understanding of why he has a strong interest in Michigan basketball and what they do.

"At Michigan I like the way they play. They fit my style by pushing the ball up on fast breaks or running plays in the half court. All of their players play multiple positions -- they are very versatile. I could see myself playing in their offense. They are high on my list because of their academics and athletics together."

Keita is the type of player that Michigan is looking for because he affects games in so many different ways. He can score at the basket, he can take you off the dribble, with his long arms and athleticism he is a solid defender that could turn into a great defender. He blocks shots on the perimeter as well as on the block. He rebounds well and is a very capable passer.

The Wolverine can only hope that he brings these talents to Ann Arbor.

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