Michigan Camp Risers – Volume 2

After the second full day of Michigan's summer camp, we take a look at five youngsters that improved their stock considerably. Many of them earned offers?

Damien Harris, RB, Berea (KY) Madison Southern, 2015 – A grown man’s body on a 15-year old kid… one really can’t fully appreciate just how physical this talented youngster is without the pads on, and yet  Harris was still extremely impressive.   The Bluegrass State star looked nervous and maybe overwhelmed to start, but quickly got it together and showed great burst, and impressive hands out of the backfield.  Again, you can’t get the full feel for what this kid brings to the table in 7-on-7.  Watch his film if you want to do that. Yesterday was about the look test.  Based on the Michigan offer he received, he clearly passed it.

Drake Harris, WR, Grand Rapids (MI) Christian, 2014 – Speed, body control, leaping ability, and exceptional ball skills… Harris had it all on display Tuesday.  He was so impressive during the morning session that he took the afternoon off to tour the facilities.  By that time he had proven his point… he was definitely worthy of the offer that the Wolverines had previously extended.  That was hammered home during his extended face time with Brady Hoke before heading home.  Harris is raw in the route-running department and needs to add muscle, but this kid has plenty of time to develop those traits, provided he chooses to spend the time honing his skills on the football field.  If he does, his potential is through the roof.

Joseph Henderson, LB, Shaker Heights (OH), 2014 – Simply put, this Buckeye State prospect is what a linebacker is supposed to look like.  He is all of 6-3, 225, and yoked up.  Henderson was the best linebacker in attendance in pass coverage.  He exhibited great route recognition, very good lateral quickness, and the ability to turn and run with most of the backs he covered.  Look for his offer list to become more and more impressive in the coming months.

Montae Nicholson, S, Monroeville (PA) Gateway, 2014 – This ball-hawking safety had to be the camp leader in interceptions on the day.  Nicholson has great range and makes quarterbacks pay for any passes they hang in the air.  His leaping ability is outstanding and he high points the ball better the most receivers.  He is big enough to play strong safety, but looks tailor-made to roam the field at free.  His performance on the day was below his own standards… which begs the question… if he earns a Michigan scholarship on one of his “off days”, how good is he when he is on?

Romelo Ross, RB, Detroit (MI) Western, 2015 – Ross was another impressive young running back, but one far different from Harris. Ross was the lightning to Harris’ thunder.  The Motor City tailback is cat quick at about 5-10, 170, bursts in and out of cuts, and is elusive in the open field.  He even looked good running routes out of the slot.  This is one youngster to keep an eye on in the coming years.  Michigan very likely will.

Other notables

Shane Morris, QB, Warren (MI) De La Salle, 2013 – Morris’s gun was again evident, as he rifled 10-yard outs from the hash with ease, while also throwing a number of nice deep balls.  He did put a little too much mustard on some of the shorter throws at times (a few youngsters likely have laces branded into their skin as proof), but overall it was a nice showing for the future Michigan signal caller.

Khalid Hill, TE, Detroit (MI) East English Village Academy, 2013 – Outstanding performance for the future Michigan tight end.  He was too difficult to cover the majority of the day.  He ran excellent routes and showed glue-like hands.  Only once did we see him lose discipline.  He turned up field after running an out due to the quarterback scrambling.  The play resulted in an interception when the QB tried to get it to him.  A light-hearted scolding from his position coach followed, but that play was definitely the exception and not the rule.  Hill was good.  Really good.

Corey Holmes, WR, Ft. Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas, 2014 – Holmes wasn’t the dominant performer on day two that he was on day one because of drops.  He still blew by defensive backs, got consistent separation out of his breaks, but the cumulative grind of multiple reps over a two-day stretch clearly took its toll when it came to hauling in the pigskin.  Fatigue was seemingly a factor in how well he caught the ball.  But make no mistake... he is an impressive prospect that remains HIGH on the offer watch list.

Channing Stribling, CB, Matthews (NC) Butler, 2013 – 6-2, 4.5, 34-inch vertical… those are the measurables on this rangy corner.  Again, he is only 165-lbs. at the moment, but his upside at 185-pounds would be extremely intriguing.  Like Holmes, Stribling faded as the day went on because the accumulation of reps.  Late in the day we watched him take himself out of the action and simply lay down on the field in exhaustion.  It mattered not, though.  Everyone that watched him over the last couple of days already knew he is a player.

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