Stribling Wanted To "Be A Wolverine"

Michigan's newest addition to the Class of 2013 is Butler High School's Channing Stribling (Mathews NC). The versatile corner breaks things down for GBW about being noticed at camp, his offer, the commitment, and much more.

Every year there seems to be a few Michigan camp attendees who put in work in front of the Wolverine coaching staff and walk away with an offer in their hands. The 2012 camp was no different—and not only did a few offers go out, but the Michigan class of 2013 added their 22nd member in Butler High School (NC) defensive back Channing Stribling.

Heading into camp, Stribling only claimed offers from one BCS conference school—NC-State. But all of that was about to change when the 6'2, raw but explosive, newly-switched defensive back caught the eye of the Michigan coaching staff.

"I think the first day after we did drills and we did Air Force ball and I started doing little moves," he explained to GoBlueWolverine, "and they asked me what my name was—and I told them I was Channing Stribling, and they started looking at me more the next few days."

With his name on the radar of the Michigan coaching staff, Stribling then turned in another impressive showing, in one on ones, covering receivers of the short, tall, and fast variety that prompted a special meeting with Greg Mattison.

"It was the next day, that next night after air force ball, that they asked me to go meet the defensive coordinator. And I met him and he said he's going to look at me the next few days," said Stribling.

With admittedly a little more pressure on his shoulders, Stribling again continued his strong showing, proving to be consistent in disrupting routes and breaking up passes with regularity. Being so new to the defensive back position, Stribling proved to be very coachable as well, often receiving feedback on his technique and implementing it quickly onto the turf.

"The technique I had was good but it wasn't as good as it is now," Stribling said. "Now when I did their technique I started covering people better, way better. I really like the coaches, they really helped me out with my new technique at corner. So it was good. I think I did good."

As quickly as Stribling impressed the coaching staff, a scholarship offer came right behind after a special meeting in the head coach's office that left the North Carolina defender with quite a bit to think about.

"They pulled me to the side and took me to Coach Hoke's office," said Stribling. "And I talked to him in his office, and he told me I had a scholarship. He started talking and I was just blanking, just thinking about coming here and all that."

Although Stribling thought about committing on the spot, the suddenly highly coveted athlete thought better of it and placed a call to the woman who sent him to Ann Arbor in hopes of receiving an offer in the first place—his mother.

"Yeah I did," said Stribling, "I told my mom thank you."

"I just had to talk to my parents and talked a little bit. She said go ahead, and if you think it's right, talk to the coaches—and you're good then do what you want to do and go ahead."

With everyone on board, it was time for Stribling to sit down with Coach Hoke Thursday morning and inform him of his decision. Although committing to a college is one of the more memorable and exciting moments in a young man's life, Stribling's stomach did nothing but flip when he woke up in the morning.

"It was outstanding," Stribling said. "I was nervous. I didn't even eat this morning, I'm kind of hungry right now. But I just told him I was committing and that I wanted to be a Wolverine. He said it's a good thing because they wanted me."

The Wolverines specifically want Stribling for his size, quickness and versatility, and Michigan talked about using the newest commitment similar to the way former Heisman Trophy Winner Charles Woodson was used in 1997.

"That's what Coach Mattison said," said Stribling. "He wanted me to do a little blitz, a little coverage back, mostly just cause I'm fast and kind of tall."

"They said they like the way how I was really long and I had speed like little corners have," said Stribling. "So that really helped out—so I can cover big receivers, little receivers, fast receivers, all of them."

Joining a star studded and nearly complete class of 2013, Stribling is looking forward to getting to know his future teammates in Ann Arbor and had the chance to get to know a couple already.

"One of the corners that committed (Gareon Conley), he was there yesterday and I worked out with him and some receivers came yesterday," said Stribling. "I just introduced myself and said this is a good class."

Michigan's newest commit is looking forward to becoming part of the close-knit 2013 class. "I'm going to try to get closer to them. I know they're all in this area and I'm down in the South so I'm going to try to get close to them."

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