Michigan Offer Gave Holmes Butterflies

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas standout Corey Holmes was among the top performers at Michigan's summer camp this week. When the dust settled, the c/o 2014 wideout had earned a scholarship offer from the Maize & Blue. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster while on his was to Notre Dame to discuss his camp performance, his recruitment, his thoughts on Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb: First, just give me your initial impressions once you saw the facilities and talked to the coaches. What did you think?

Corey Holmes: “It was just what I had pictured what a Division One college athletic area to look like. I tell my dad all the time that it’s just a place that I could really see myself at. Like a picture perfect student athlete environment.”

Sam Webb: So take me through the competition. Did you feel like you were performing well? What did you think of how you were doing out there?

Corey Holmes: “I felt like I did pretty good. There are things I could have done better. I definitely believe I could have done better, but overall, I think I did pretty well.”

Sam Webb: At what point did you feel like ‘hey, the coaches really like me.’ Was there a moment where you kind of knew that you were really impressing them?

Corey Holmes: “I would say it was when the coaches kind of had me step up front to kind of show the guys how to do a certain move, or how to do a certain drill. I felt that they thought, I guess, I was doing it the right way, and they probably thought I was doing it the best. So I was like, ‘you know what… they might like the way I’m doing this.’ And I guess they did. They really did like it.”

Sam Webb: Were there any defensive backs that you went up against that you said ‘wow, you know, this kid is pretty good. He can play too’?

Corey Holmes: “There weren’t too many, actually. I mean, there were a couple DBs that I thought were better than others, but, I honestly feel like I face one of the best DBs in the country in practice, and I feel like I get a lot of work through him. I haven’t really seen too many other DBs that have given me problems like him, so I was really able to handle the DBs in a way that I wanted to.”

Sam Webb: Lets talk about your game. So pretend for a second you’re a scout in the stands and you’re watching Corey Holmes on the field do his thing… kind of break his game down for me. Give me a scouting report.

Corey Holmes: “I would say he has good running ability, and he knows how to set DBs up in the opposite direction of where he’s really going. He has the ability to catch the ball pretty well.”

Sam Webb: What’s your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Corey Holmes: “I’m 6’1”, 175 or 176, and 40 time is a 4.5.”

Sam Webb: You are fortunate to have the tutelage of one of the all-time great receivers. So talk about what that’s like and how that’s really helped your game.  Then also talk about what it’s like to tell an Ohio State guy that you like Michigan.

Corey Holmes: “You’re talking about Chris Carter, right?”

Sam Webb: Right.

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, well, it’s awesome learning stuff from him knowing all the experience he has at the wide receiver position. He’s definitely taught me a lot. He’s definitely taught me a lot about getting out of my breaks –  how I should have my feet set once I come out of the break, my hand placement with catching balls and everything. It’s great.  Now with all this stuff happening, it’s going to be cool to see his reaction when I tell him that I received a Michigan offer and that I’m actually very interested.”

Sam Webb: Why Michigan? How did you become such a big Michigan fan?

Corey Holmes: “Well, you know, as a kid I grew up – I’ve always watched college football. I love watching college football. And you know, I always used to watch Michigan. I don’t know why they used to always used to be the team I always used to watch on TV, but I always used to watch Michigan on TV, and you know, I just became a fan of watching them on TV and everything. I used to go over what players were on the team at the time and everything. I just really became a fan of Michigan football growing up and everything. Like I said, I always watched their games, everything.

Sam Webb: So after camp was over and they offered you a scholarship…was your dad there? Take me through that process.

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, he was there. Throughout the week they were asking me if my dad was coming back up. They asked me what day it was that he was coming back up, and I told them Wednesday that he was coming up.  They were like ‘alright, we’d like to meet with you and your dad on Wednesday when he comes up. We’d like for you and your dad to meet with Coach Hoke’. I think I participated for the first morning practice… I just went through a couple of technique drills and everything, and they actually took me out of one-on-ones  and actually told me I could go back up to the dorms, and shower up, and just put on some street clothes, and meet them back down at the indoor track thing and find my dad. When I met with my dad, they had one of the recruiting helpers bring us down to the indoor facility where Coach Hoke’s office is. And when we were in there, we sat down with Coach Hoke – me and my dad sat down with Coach Hoke, and then that was when he broke the news and said that I was receiving an offer from the University of Michigan.”

Sam Webb: What was your reaction? I know you had to be expecting it somewhat, but when they finally said those words, how did you respond?

Corey Holmes: “I couldn’t even really respond (laughter). I just got butterflies through my whole body. It was crazy. I was so excited. Like I said, it was like – I couldn’t really express in words how I felt at the moment. Really my dad was doing all the talking. “

Sam Webb: So you have a Michigan offer now. What other schools do you have offers from?

Corey Holmes: “I have Florida, Wisconsin, USF, and Rutgers.”

Sam Webb: Now let’s pretend for a second that you’re getting ready to sit down and make a decision. What are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Corey Holmes: “It’s honestly a number of things. I would say, like, academics is definitely one, and the coaches, and the football team. That would be another big thing when it comes to making my decision.”

Sam Webb: What about distance from home?

Corey Holmes: “That’s not really a problem, because I honestly want to get out of Florida. I want to leave Florida if I can, because I’m trying to get a change of seasons. That’s really what I want. “

Sam Webb: A change of seasons?  You’re Florida guy; you think you can handle the snow?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah! (Laughter) It’s something I’d have to get used to. I actually like snow. I’ve been in snow a couple times, and I actually really enjoyed it.”

Sam Webb: So do you have a favorite at this point?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, Michigan is actually my favorite at this point right now.”

Sam Webb: Who would be the other top schools in contention…

Corey Holmes: “Some schools I really like are North Carolina and Oregon. I really like those two schools. “

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on Holmes in the coming days and weeks…

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