Michigan "a frontrunner" for Devin Booker

John Beilein and the Michigan basketball program extended an offer to 2014 shooting guard Devin Booker. The top 40 shooting guard gives GBW the latest on the offer, his decision timeline and where the Wolverines stand.

June 15th has become a very important day for the Michigan basketball program. With just two prospects standing out among the rest to the Wolverine braintrust in the class of 2014, one of those two scholarships handed out went to Moss Point high school (MS) shooting guard Devin Booker. "We set (a call) up for like 9:30 in the morning," Booker told GoBlueWolverine. "So I woke up, they called, and I talked to the whole staff. Beilein was the one that actually obviously offered."

Devin wasn't the only one excited about the good offer-news.

"My mom, she's been a Michigan fan her whole life, so she's just really excited," Booker said, "and my dad was too. Obviously not as excited as her—but yeah, they're proud of me."

After moving to Mississippi from Grandville, Michigan, the Wolverine offer didn't come as a surprise to Booker. With so much time to think about the offer that was eventually coming, Booker told Michigan he still isn't certain on a definite timeline for his college decision.

"I told them that I haven't sat down with both of my parents, and we haven't really discussed it. As of now, we're just taking it slow—until we sit down and cut down the list, and figure the top five out, and go from there," said Booker.

While Booker doesn't have an official top five at this point, the Wolverines have done a nice job of positioning themselves for the scoring guard's services.

"I don't have an exact spot, but they are a frontrunner, one of my top schools," said Booker.

With so many friends and family wanting to know where Booker is leaning, Wolverine fans may remember that class of 2013 point guard Derrick Walton was in a similar position just last summer. Now, one year later, Walton has taken to social media hoping to lure Booker into the fold.

"We've talked through Twitter a little bit," said Booker. "He tweeted at me and said congrats, you know, and asked me, now that I have the offer, what am I going to do with it? And I said the same thing: I'm not sure yet, I haven't sat down with my parents and discussed it."

After a strong performance at the Elite 100 camp just a few weeks ago, Booker was invited to compete in both the Kevin Durant and LeBron James camps this summer.

With a recruitment that is on the verge of blowing up, it's no surprise Booker heard from another relatively prominent school in his life on June 15th, the Missouri Tigers.

"That one caught me off guard, because it was like 1:00 in the morning, and Missouri already called, actually, so I wasn't expecting them to call again—and then Coach Haith called at like 1:00 in the morning," said Booker. "I was sleeping, actually. But I answered, and it was Haith."

Regarding the Tigers offer Booker said, "Well, you know, it's my dad alma mater, I had to – kind of the same with Michigan. They've been there from the beginning, and I've been up to campus a lot. So it's kind of similar."

With Michigan holding strong near the top of Booker's list, the importance of bringing his father on a visit to Ann Arbor continues to grow; and although plans haven't been discussed or put into place, it appears it will happen going forward.

"We haven't really talked about that, but I'm sure he will eventually," said Booker.

Sam Webb contributed to this report.

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