Michigan First Class Says Luke Kennard's Dad

After 2015 Franklin, Ohio shooting guard Luke Kennard finished starring at Michigan basketball's team camp over the weekend, GBW caught up with Kennard's father Mark to discuss his feelings on the Wolverines from a parent perspective, dinner with the coaches and the talent level in Ann Arbor moving forward.

Having already toured the Michigan campus on a previous visit, the family of 2015 Franklin, Ohio shooting guard Luke Kennard was privy to yet another rendezvous through Ann Arbor last week, making an unofficial visit one day prior to the Michigan Wolverine team camp. Luke's Father Mark spoke to GoBlueWolverine about the visit.

"We came up and kind of just looked at the campus, the player development center which is absolutely just first class," said Mr. Kennard, "and just kind of met with the coaches for a little bit. And then just kind of got ready for camp."

While on the unofficial visit, the Kennard's were able to have dinner with the Michigan coaching staff, further increasing the sense of comfort parents look for in a possible destination for their son or daughter.

"You want to leave your kid with somebody who, in three years, when we have to drop Luke off or whatever, we want to have a level of comfort," said Mr. Kennard. "And Coach Beilein and his staff, they're just first class and they make you feel like family—and there's other colleges we feel the same way about but they (Michigan) make you feel like you're just a part of their family. The relationship is building, they're getting to know us, we're getting to know them better and it's just been a great experience for Luke."

"When you have your own kids and if they're good enough to play at the next level, at the college level, you start looking at where you feel comfortable and what program he fits in," said Kennard. "And I'm telling you, we've just fallen in love with some of the schools, and Michigan has just been unbelievable and it's a great school. Look at the type of education you're going to get (at Michigan)."

"You really start looking at all of the schools when it involves your kid, and I know Michigan is, again, one of the schools that is at the top of Luke's list."

Although Michigan is right in the thick of this recruitment, a Michigan scholarship offer has not, and will not, be extended until June 15th, 2013. With just under a year to wait for the formal offer, the Wolverines are doing everything possible to display how badly they want Luke in Ann Arbor in three years.

"They didn't really come out and say that (they'd offered a scholarship) but they said they'd really like to see Luke in a Michigan uniform," said Kennard. "There was no offer made, but they said they want to keep building the relationship and that they would see Luke play this next year. And obviously I think they're going to be in Orlando to see him play, and we'll just keep the lines of communication open."

As the contact between the Michigan coaching staff and the Kennards continues, so too will the development of the Wolverine basketball program coming off its first Big Ten title since 1986. With a strong 2012 class already on campus and a 2013 class that keeps getting better and better, the talent stockpiling inside Crisler Center isn't going unnoticed by Kennard's father as they look for the perfect fit for Luke.

"Obviously you look at the school and you want to see where Luke fits, what program he fits, and does the program fit Luke—and you look at the talent they're bringing in," said Kennard. "They've got a heck of a recruiting class coming in this year and then they've got some pretty big time players that are coming back next year, so you do look at that. Obviously you want to go to a program that has a great tradition and a winning program, because the goal isn't to go to college to lose, it's to go and try to—wherever you go—to try to win a national championship at whatever level you're on. So that definitely makes a difference."

While the Michigan coaching staff has put in plenty of effort to win over the entire Kennard clan, when it comes time to sign a name on the dotted line the lefty sharpshooter's decision will solely in his own hands—but that doesn't mean Kennard's parents will be hesitant to provide their opinion on the matter.

"Ultimately it's going to be Luke's decision, but he can always ask his mom and dad what we think and we'll be honest with him. But whoever he feels most comfortable with is obviously—he'll make that final decision," said Kennard.

But as far as this past week, Michigan put themselves in a strong position.

"It was a great week and we really had a good time."

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