A Change Atop West's Leaderboard?

DB Darius West from Lima (OH) Central Catholic went on a camp tour last week that saw him make stops at Michigan State, Ohio State, and Michigan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the rising 2014 prospect to get his thoughts on each camp experience, whether his feelings as a lifelong OSU fan toward Michigan are now different, his leaderboard, and more.

Sam Webb: It was a big camp week for you last week, making it to Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State. I wanted to see how everything went Lets start off first with the one you went to most recently… Ohio State?

Darius West:" It was real nice, for real. I did good. The coaches liked me."

Sam Webb: What did Ohio State say to you about where you stand with them?

Darius West: “They just said they’re going to be watching me real close because I’m in the top prospects for the 2014 class. They actually said I’m in the top five and they probably will choose about four or five people, so I have to work hard.  They’re going to be watching close – watching my every move.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about Michigan State.  How did that camp go for you?

Darius West: “I mean, if I had to rank Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan camp, Michigan State would be third.“

Sam Webb: What was it that you liked about the Michigan State camp?

Darius West: “The competition was really good, but it was only one session, so I was only there for about two hours.”

Sam Webb: So take me back to the Michigan camp.  It looked like you did pretty well there. Just talk about your performance up in Ann Arbor.

Darius West: “I think I did good. One-on-one, I got beat a few times, but you just have to come back and go hard. Agility drills, I think I did pretty good. So yeah, I think overall I think I did good down there.”

Sam Webb: What did the Michigan coaches say to you after the camp?

Darius West: “They kind of said the same thing (as Ohio State); that they’re going to be watching me… looking at me hard because I’m in the top recruits in the class and they want to see how I do over my junior year.”

Sam Webb: Did Michigan say which position they liked you at? Is it definitely safety that they’re recruiting you for?

Darius West: “Corner and safety.”

Sam Webb: Do you remember what coaches you actually talked to while you were up at Michigan?

Darius West: “The defensive coordinator (Greg Mattison) and Coach Jeff Hecklinski –that’s my recruiting coordinator.”

Sam Webb: That was obviously your first time up at Michigan… the first time as a lifelong Ohio State fan. What did it feel like to be up at Michigan after all these years of rooting for the other side?

Darius West: “It wasn’t what I expected. They showed a lot of love. They don’t love Ohio State, but I’m not going to choose Ohio State just because I live in Ohio. I’m definitely going to keep Michigan up there. The facility was awesome.  It was probably one of the biggest I’ve seen so far. The coaches are real nice and patient. They taught me a lot."

Sam Webb: What, if anything, stuck out to you the most while you were up in Ann Arbor?

Darius West: “The facilities, the atmosphere, the coaches.”

Sam Webb: Lay out for me all the offers you have on the table right now.

Darius West:Illinois, Cincinnati, Toledo, Bowling Green and Akron.”

Sam Webb: When we first spoke last month you said Ohio State was definitely your favorite.  Is that still the case for you?

Darius West: “My favorite…that’s a hard question. I don’t know.”

Sam Webb: Alright, how about an easier one then? Do you have a top three right now?

Darius West: “Yeah, I have a top three. Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State.”

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