Keston Cheathem is Getting the Attention

I was able to chat with Pomona, CA defensive back <b>Keston Cheathem</b>. When we last saw Cheathem he was a relative unknown to all except a few schools, including Michigan. We wanted to know how things were progressing for him.

Keston Cheathem (6-3, 183 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 3.0 GPA, 820 SAT) told me his recruiting is going well and that he is not used to all the attention. Cheathem is a top 50 west coast recruit according to The Insiders, and is certainly getting some attention. He lists offers from Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon State, Washington State, Colorado State, Wyoming, and Utah. His coach told another service that if UCLA offered he would commit; we asked Cheatham about that.

"That was way back in the beginning. I liked them a lot and they were my favorite, but they kept saying they were going to offer but never produced. They just didn't show me enough love so that dream is dead." He went on, "I really don't have a top list but I do know that Michigan is number one for me. I want to see other places too, but right now I'm looking forward to checking out U-M."

The talented defensive back says he is still planning on visiting Ann Arbor, along with teammate and U-M prospect Eugene Germany, on the 18th and 19th of October.

"We are still looking forward to going back to Michigan this fall. That will most likely be my fourth visit as I am going to visit Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State before then. I think Eugene is going to take some visits before then too, but I don't know where."

When I last spoke to Cheathem he said he had been advised by his coaches to wait until after the season to make his decision. "I may make my decision before the season starts now. Im not real sure though, I just want to see how things go."

Pomona players don't normally attend summer camps, and Cheathem is no exception, "We're in summer workouts now. I am working real hard and I want to see if my rankings go up. I'm not where I want to be in the national rankings, so I want to improve that this season."

Grades are not a problem either, "I have a 2.8 and I just got my SAT scores back and I got an 820."

Cheathem is open about his college goals. "I want to major in something like psychology, or sociology, or even advertising. Education is the number one factor for me in where I go to school, but things like team chemistry and a family atmosphere are important. Location isn't a factor at all. If I decide to leave California that won't be a problem for my family. Personally I'd like to see what it's like to live outside California."

"Eugene and I talk about going to school together all the time. I know he's working real hard in summer school and his grades are doing good."

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