An Early Favorite for Mone

Highland (UT) defensive lineman Bryan Mone is planning to make his way to Michigan later this week. The Wolverines' were one of the first offer to the class of 2014 standout. Is Michigan the team to beat?

Sam Webb: How did things go for you on the football field last year?

Bryan Mone: “Football season went good, but we lost in the second round of the playoffs.  I did all right.”

Sam Webb: You’re a pretty versatile and athletic guy. What’s your position of choice?

Bryan Mone: “D-tackle.”

Sam Webb: What’s your height weight and forty time.

Bryan Mone: “6-4, 300 lbs., and I haven’t tested my forty yet.”

Sam Webb: What scholarship offers you have on the table at this point?

Bryan Mone: “I have Utah, Utah State, BYU, and Michigan.”

Sam Webb: I know Michigan has been recruiting you for quite some time.  Give me an idea of what you already know about the Wolverines.

Bryan Mone: “I know that the rivalry with Ohio State is like the biggest rivalry in football history.  Michigan has the biggest football stadium in college.  And they have a great coaching staff.”

Sam Webb: So have you talked to Sione Houma lately?

Bryan Mone: “Yeah, he is in Michigan right now.  I talked to him (Sunday).”

Sam Webb: How did he say thing s are going for him in Ann Arbor?

Bryan Mone: “He said things are going good.”

Sam Webb: How big of a factor is it for you that Sione is at Michigan?  Does it affect your thinking at all?

Bryan Mone: “Oh wow! That’s so big.  It means a lot.  It is really big to me because me and him grew up together.  It’s really nice.”

Sam Webb: Has he talked to you about joining him at Michigan?

Bryan Mone: “Yeah, he talks about it all the time.”

Sam Webb: So do you have a top school at this point?

Bryan Mone: “Yeah, Colorado.  It’s a school I’d like to go to because my cousin is going there.  He told me all about the football program, community, the coaching staff, and everything else… so I’m really interested in them.”

Sam Webb: Have you visited Colorado yet?

Bryan Mone: “No I haven’t, but I’ve talked to the d-line coach.”

Sam Webb: As far as visits go, I imagine you’ve visited the Utah schools already?

Bryan Mone: “Yeah, I’ve visited them.”

Sam Webb: Do you have plans on making the trip out to Michigan?

Bryan Mone: “Yeah I’m supposed to go this week on Wednesday.”

Sam Webb: Who’s coming with you?

Bryan Mone: “My dad.”

Sam Webb: How long do you guys plan on staying?

Bryan Mone: “I think for a day.”

Sam Webb: I know that Michigan’s d-line coach Jerry Montgomery recruited Sione and now is recruiting you.  What have been your impressions of him so far?

Bryan Mone: “Wow… Coach Montgomery is a great coach. I keep in touch with him every week.  He is a really good guy.”

Sam Webb: So you have coaches at Colorado and Michigan that you really like… then you have a cousin at Colorado and a really good friend in Sione at Michigan… who are you going to listen to?

Bryan Mone: “I don’t know (laughing).  It’s going to be a hard decision.”

Sam Webb: Is distance from home going to be a factor?

Bryan Mone: “I don’t really know.  I could really be homesick for my family, but (moving away) is a next step (in life), you know?”

Sam Webb: How is Sione dealing with being away?

Bryan Mone: “He told us that he gets homesick, but he is doing it for his people and his family.  He says he is going to be okay because God is going to guide him.”

Sam Webb: Sione made his decision the summer after his junior year.  Do you have a plan for when you’ll make yours?

Bryan Mone: “I don’t know when I’m going to make my decision.  I’m still young."

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