Brown Still on Michigan's 2013 Radar

Bowling Green (OH) PF, Vitto Brown was one of the standout performers at Michigan's elite camp last month. The versatile youngster made his way back Ann Arbor with his father for an open gym last week and gained a clearer understanding of exactly where things stand with the Maize & Blue. Brown's father chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his son's growing offer list, his interest in UM, and more.

Vitto Brown Profile

Sam Webb: I understand your son made his way back to Ann Arbor last week for an open gym. How did it go?

Angelo Brown: “Yeah, he went back up there on the 29th for an open gym. He was up there for that, but he didn’t play. He had a little contusion on his inner thigh where a guy ran into him in the camp right before (the open gym), but he should be back to normal here in a couple of days.”

Sam Webb: So what did Michigan say to you guys about their interest level?

Angelo Brown: “The interest level is pretty high. Basically they kind of want us to hold off and don’t go an early signing, and kind of see (regarding) attrition. They said (there could be) attrition and they’re checking to see if something would open up here. They were saying they like his grades and his ACT score.  The coaches were talking to him about keeping a good attitude and keep working.  So we spoke with Beilein, but he didn’t play open gym, which I was hoping to see him out there with a lot of the recruits and the players.”

Sam Webb: Did anyone in particular stand out during the open gym?  Anyone in particular impress you?

Angelo Brown: “Yeah, yeah, I thought Zak Irvin (stood out).  He hit about his first six threes, so I thought that was impressive.  I think every time Zak caught it and launched it, it went in.  Like I said, he hit his first six threes, so we were real impressed with him. We also felt Mitch McGary looked strong. He had a couple of nice finishes.”

Sam Webb: Getting back to Vitto’s recruitment, give me an update on where things stand as far as his scholarship offers.  Then aside from Michigan, who are some og the other schools looking at him hard?

Angelo Brown: “As far as his scholarship offers, recently I think he picked up Iowa State. Xavier called, and they want to offer him… Cincinnati; and then there were a couple more.”

Sam Webb: You were saying something I talked to you before about Minnesota. What is Minnesota saying?

Angelo Brown: “Oh, Minnesota… yeah, they still like him. They really like him. They’ve been hitting us up more and more, Wisconsin offered him kind of right after Michigan (elite camp) because we went to a camp in Wisconsin.  After the first game, the assistant coach went upstairs and got Bo Ryan.  After the second game, Bo Ryan came over and say ‘hey, we have to offer your son. He looks totally different than he did last year, and we’re going to need to – in this slot because we have Ryan Evans graduating. It kind of shocked me. So I drove up the next day and met with him. I wasn’t there that day when he offered him at the camp. That was a Friday, so I came up that Saturday and did an unofficial.  (Ryan) was really high on him; higher than I thought he would because I know he’s just developing, and he’s really coming into his own right now.  The way Bo Ryan was talking, (Vitto) could come right in.  One of the questions I asked was ‘are you going to redshirt him or something?’ ‘No, no, we’re not recruiting him to redshirt him. Get him in the weight room, and he’ll get even stronger.  He can come right in (and compete for playing time).’”

Sam Webb: You said before that Minnesota and Kansas State really like him.  Have those two schools offered him scholarships too?

Angelo Brown: “Yeah, they offered. Minnesota was the first one to offer him.  The way (Tubby Smith) asked my wife was kind of funny. He was old school, like ‘we’d like to offer your son an athletic scholarship’, you know, and so we started laughing because that was the first time we’d heard it put like that, you know… real straight.”

Sam Webb: That leaves very little room for misunderstanding (laughter). Back to Michigan… you said they talked to him about not doing anything early. Is that something that you guys had planned to do? Is he going to try to have a decision made by the early signing period?

Angelo Brown: “Well, we were looking (at deciding early).  My wife was definitely thinking about the early signing period and locking something in, but I always liked Michigan so I kind of wanted to hold off as long as we can.  We were real impressed. I think that coaching staff is just phenomenal.”

Sam Webb: Does he have any more visits that he’s going to do this summer, or is it just going to be AAU the rest of the way?

Angelo Brown: "The rest of the way is going to be AAU because I don’t think you can get out much in July since all the coaches seem to be gone, but we might try to fit in one or two."

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