Joe Crawford's 'You-Know-What' Interview

GBW's Sam Webb is currently at the Nike High School All American Basketball Camp on the IUPU Campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sam just got out of a press conference regarding the 'biggest news' of the camp so far: a presser with Detroit Renaissance's Joe Crawford.

It had been known confidentially for a little over a day now that rising senior guard Joe Crawford had decommited from Michigan. Vince Baldwin of Prep Spotlight was the first to go public with the decommitment today (Tues.), on his paid website. Crawford just (early Tues. afternoon) held a press conference at the Nike Camp to talk about it. Note: the decommitment had already been made public today by Baldwin at the camp and was common knowledge. So the questions basically start right in with with why/what's next?

Note: questions are in bold, Joe's answers in "quotes."

What schools are at the top of his list now that you've reopened your recruitment?

"I don't really know off the top of his head ... I have to write schools down and think about it. But just off the top of my head, besides Michigan I want to see how North Carolina is, and Kansas ... Kentucky ... Missouri ... (someone called Ohio State?) ... yeah, Ohio State ..."

What do oyu like about Kansas?

"I like their playing style."

What about Missouri, have you talked to (former Detroiter) Ricky Paulding?

"Yes, I've talked to Ricky. Right now I'm just looking for the right opportunity for me."

What happened with Michigan?

"I'm still really considering Michigan. I love Tommy Amaker, I love how he motivates his players. I think I just made my decision a little too early."

Why was it Michigan in the first place?

"Tommy Amaker. I like the way he coaches. And Michigan is an up-and-coming program. And I've just always liked Michigan."

Have you been thinking about decommitting for a while?

"Yes, for a while now. I think I made my commitment a little early. Picking a college is harder than I thought it was."

What are the main factors in your choosing a college?

"The coaches' confidence in me ... playing style ... playing time ..."

When did you make the decision (to decommit)?

"Four days ago."

When did you tell Amaker?

"A couple days ago."

What was his reaction?

"He was surprised, but said he was still going to recruit me. I was worried about that, because I was backing out on my word. I really liked that, how he reacted. I just have to do what's best for me."

What about OSU?

"Yeah, they were on my list before. I like them as well, there is an opportunity to come in and play there."

What about MSU?

"I don't know about MSU. They've recruited a lot of guards -- I don't know if there is the opportunity there."

What kind of game do you like to play?

"Up tempo, fast break; I like to shoot off dribble, I like the mid-range game."

Will you say more about MSU?

"I really like their program, they have had a lot of success, but they have a lot of guards there. It would be hard for me to go there and play."

Sam Webb: is playing time a concern for you at Michigan?

"Not really. I know I can go in there and play. But I'm looking for the best opportunity for me. I want to come in and make an impact from the start."

Can you elaborate on why you've decided you made your choice too early?

"No one in my family has been through this before. I didn't really collect a lot on information on different programs. I want to take the opportunity to look into schools closely this time."

"I started regretting it early in the summer. I thought Amaker wouldn't still recruit me if I broke my promise. But that's what I like about Amaker ... he understood I had to rethink things."

What about Kentucky?

"I've watched them on TV, and I see thay have a lot of seniors leaving. I want to research how I'd fit in there."

What position do you see yourself playing in college?

"Both the one and the two. I can score or pass."

What was your parents' reaction?

"They are behind me. They don't like that I'm going back on my word but they understand."

Did your parents know the commitment was bugging you?

"No, not until I told them I'd decided."

Is it hard starting over with recruiting?

"I'm not really starting over. I still really like Michigan. I'm a step ahead there. But it'll be a lot of work picking up on other schools."

Did you talk to Amaker face to face?

"No, on the phone. It was hard. I understand Amaker really wants me. I just have to look into it further."

How much will you look at who's playing in front of you?

"I'll look at that. But I want to make sure it's a winning program too. I don't want to go to a place where no one's there."

(Same guy) I ask because Kentucky has a point guard coming in as transfer, he'll sit out a year, and then have two left.

"I don't really know the guard situation at Kentucky. I'll have to check that out."

How many visits are you going to take?

"All of them."

Will you sign in the early signing period, or late?

"I don't really know."

How did (fellow Michigan commitment) Ron Coleman react?

"He understood, but he didn't really make a noticable reaction."

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