The Edwards Connection (Part 2)

Part 2 of comments from my interviews that didn't make it into next month's magazine.

For those that missed Part 1 of the Stan and Braylon Edwards interview, click here.

I heard Braylon had a good camp that year too. Is that true?

"The combine was in the spring. The camp occurred a few months later in the summer. He didn't go to Michigan's camp his freshman year, because I didn't feel like he was ready. He didn't go his sophomore year because he was injured. He didn't go until the summer of his junior year. At that time I told him, ‘this is it. This is your last opportunity to get somebody's attention.' I did not go to camp the first morning. Braylon called me up and said, Dad I'm killing ‘em, can't nobody stay with me! Being the person that I am I'm thinking "sure," so I go up there. I run into Jim Herman and he physically pinned me against the wall, and he asked why didn't I tell him that Braylon was that good. I went out to see Braylon for myself and I couldn't believe what I saw when I watched him. Out of all of the receivers at the camp, he had no peer. They had some of the best defensive backs in the country, and there was nobody that could match Braylon. It got so bad that all of the quarterbacks kept trying to position themselves line so they could throw to him. He caught everything that was thrown his way. He was MVP, and he flat out earned it. There was nobody close to him."

"They didn't offer him there. They wanted to keep and eye on him. They didn't tell me this but I think that they had to be thinking that something was odd about the situation. How could a kid with that level of skill only have one high school touchdown?! Believe or not, Braylon had only scored once up to that point. So they wanted to keep an eye on him. 2 weeks later, we went up to East Lansing for camp. On the first day after the morning session, Bobby Williams said, ‘can you guys come to my office?' He called Braylon in and offered him on the spot. Bill Sheridan was at Michigan State at the time and he did a FANTASTIC job of recruiting Braylon. He got an early edge because he was really doing a great job talking to us, and Michigan wanted to watch him still."

"There really wasn't much film on Braylon because he hadn't played at Bishop Gallagher yet. So during the course of the season, after Michigan State offered him and after some of the coaches saw him at the Michigan camp, other people started calling him. Before that, he only got letters from Akron and Eastern. Vanderbilt called as well. The only reason that Vanderbilt called was because the guy that recruited him played for Sahadi at Gallagher. That was the only way that he knew about him. When the season started, that is when the other schools started calling him. Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota, etc.. Michigan State really recruited him hard. Like I said, Sheridan was fantastic. Braylon was getting a little up tight. He said, if Michigan doesn't want me, that is OK. But if they do, they need to let me know that. So I called Eric Campbell and said, Braylon is leaning to Michigan State. I don't know what you can do about that. Eric said, ‘tell Braylon give me a week or two, and not to commit to anybody.' Eric wanted Braylon. He knew what he had to offer."

"It was after the 4th game of the season for Braylon and he was now getting the highlight tapes. We gave the highlight tape to Eric Campbell and he began recruiting him. A couple of weeks after we gave the tape to Campbell we went to the Michigan/Wisconsin game. After the game, we went to the locker room. Lloyd and Morrison told Braylon, we want to offer you a scholarship to Michigan. Braylon and Lloyd just stared at each other. Lloyd told him, you don't have to tell me today. Whenever you are ready, you have a scholarship. He also told him that this year is an unusual year because Michigan had a lot of early commitments. He told Braylon that he would let him know when the scholarships are starting to dwindle away. He said, ‘I won't call you to tell you that they are gone, but I will let you know when there are only a couple left and you can tell me where you are in your decision making process.' So when there were a couple of more commitments, Lloyd called Braylon back and said, ‘I just wanted to let you know that there were a couple more commitments, and there are only about 2-3 scholarships left, and I just wanted to let you know that. So, you can get back to me and let me know what you decide.' Braylon said, ‘I don't want to get back to you, I am going to come to Michigan!' Sheridan called him to ask if he was waiting on Michigan. Braylon said, coach I think I really want to go to Michigan, I really appreciate everything that you did. I then told Sheridan that we appreciated everything that he did. I can't say enough how great a job he did. I know that was a long answer to your question!"

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