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Selected quotes from conversations I had with Chris Douglas-Roberts, Ron Coleman, and Malik Hairston. What did these players think of Joe-Joe's news?

Chris Douglas-Roberts

How do you feel you've done so far?

"I've been doing pretty well. I'm averaging like 10 points per game. I'm not running any point though because I'm on the same team as Drew Neitzel. I can do it if they ask me to though."

Have you been hearing from schools since you blew up at the Jamboree?

"I've been getting a lot more mail, but I haven't gotten any scholarship offers or anything."

Have you been on any unofficial visits to any schools?

"No, I haven't yet…but I'll be doing that this year."

Are there any schools in particular that you're looking at?

"I haven't come up with a list, but I like Michigan, Michigan State, and North Carolina."

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

"Yeah, I grew up liking Michigan."

Ronald Coleman

How have you and your Family teammates been doing thus far?

"I've been doing pretty well. I'm averaging double digits…about 10 or 11. I haven't seen any of the others play because we're all in different leagues, but they all told me that they're doing pretty well."

When did you find out about Joe?

"I just found out yesterday. I called Speedy and he told me about it."

What was your reaction?

"I was surprised, but he has to do what's best for him."

Do know why he changed his mind?

"Well, you have to look at it from his standpoint. We all want to go to the league, and at 6'3"…he won't play the 3 in college…he'll be playing the 1 and the 2. He'll have Danny and Dion in front of him. That's not to say that he won't do it, because he still likes Michigan. He just has to see what's out there for him."

Malik Hairston

What was you response to Joe's decision?

"I didn't believe him at first. He just has to see what's out there."

Does that announcement move Michigan back into your top 5?

(Laughing) "I don't have a top 5. Michigan was never off my list. I was still considering them with Joe there, and I'm still considering them now. "

Do you have a decision timetable?

"No. I'll just have to feel it."

Will Michigan be one of your visits so you can see if you "feel it" there?

(Laughing) "I'm not sure I'll use a visit for Michigan, but they'll definitely be one of the schools that I consider."

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