Tangara: The Long And Short Of It

GBW's Sam Webb is reporting from the Nike High School All-American Camp in Indianapolis. Here is his report from this afternoon's press conference with PF/C Mohamed Tangara (the 'long' of it), the majority of whose question's were asked by Sam (the 'short' ...).

Rising senior PF/C Mohamed Tangara (6-9, 230 lbs.) attends Mt. Zion Christian Academy in Durham, N.C. and plays AAU ball with Team Georgia Elite. Note: Tangara came to the USA , not speaking any English, in 2000 from the African nation of Mali.

Questions are in bold, answers in "quotes."

How do like competing with the players here?

"It's great playing with these guys. I been learning a lot of great things about how to play."

Are you happy with the way you've been playing?

"Yeah, I'm pretty happy. I have to keep working on my offense."

When will you make your college decision?

"It's going to be in about three months (in the fall signing period)."

Sam Webb (5-6, 149 lbs.): What schools are you thinking about?

"Miami, Memphis, Michigan, UCLA, Duke, Louisville, Florida and North Carolina. ... and Arizona."

What will be the factors in your decision?

"I have to like the school, and I have to like the coaches."

Sam Webb: Which coaches here do you like the best?

"I like them all ... I really like Tommy Amaker. I like Pitino too."

Sam Webb: It's been reported that Louisville is your leader. True?

"(Laughing) No, no. I'm wide open."

Sam Webb: since you're deciding in three months , what schools have you already visited?

"I've only made an unofficial visit to Louisville so far."

Are you going to take all five official visits?


Sam Webb: What schools are you going to visit?

"Louisville, Arizona, Michigan, UCLA, and Miami."

Have Coach Lindsey Davis (his Team Georgia AAU coach) and Coach Fozard (Mt. Zion's coach) influenced your pick?

"No. They just want me to make the decision that's best for me. They are just giving me information on all the schools."

Sam Webb: What do they tell you about Michigan?

"That it's a great school and that Tommy Amaker is a great coach."

Do you forsee any problems with your standardized test?

"Nah ... I'll do well on the math, and I don't have any problems understanding the questions at all."

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