Instate PF Al Horford at Nike

PF Al Horford ( 6-8 , 225 lbs.) from Grand Ledge, Mich. is the son of former NBA seven-footer Tito Horford. He's been playing very well at this week's Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis. Horford held a press conference this afternoon. GBW's Sam Webb was there, and also pulled Al aside afterward for a one-on-one interview.

Questions are in bold, and answers in "quotes."

The Al Horford press conference:

Sam Webb: You're being real aggressive out there. Are you making a special effort to do that?

"Yeah, I set goals for myself. I wanted to come out here and make a statement. To make sure people knew that I'm here. I've just been playing hard."

How are you enjoying the competition here?

"I knew it'd be competitive, but not this competitive ... but it is fun. I'm trying to stay focused in the paint, I've been trying to do that every time."

It seems like your team here is also running a lot of high post stuff, with you flashing out.

"Yeah. In high school I've played mostly on the block. I'm getting used to getting out a little more."

Which schools are in the most contact with you?

"Xavier and Ohio State are the schools that have been in the most contact."

Are there a couple schools more prominent on your list?

"I'm just concentrating on the schools that are showing the most interest in me. That's Xavier and OSU. Beside that, I'm wide open."

Have you taken any unofficial visits this summer?

"No, I haven't."

Have you taken any unofficial visits at all?

"Last year I visited Michigan, Northwestern, I went to Ohio State twice, I went to Xavier. That's about it. I'm still open right now ... it doesn't just have to be those schools."

Your dad Tito dad went to Miami. Has he been talking to you about them? (Note: Tito is still playing, in Europe)

"No, not really."

Is it important to you that Xavier and OSU are recruiting you the hardest?

"No, not really. I'm still wide open."

Do you plan to take official visits?

"Yeah, I think I'll take some this fall. I'll have to see how things go."

Sam Webb: do you think you'll take an official visit to Michigan?

"I'm not sure yet. We'll have to see how that one goes."

What will be the factors in your decision?

"School environment, and the coaches. It's important to me that it's a family environment. I have to feel comfortable that I can spend four years at a school."

Are you talking to players here about schools?

"We don't really talk about schools. We're mostly just getting to know each other. We dont' really focus on recruiting."


Sam's follow-up private interview with Horford:

Sam Webb: I saw you recently in the Glass City Classic. You look like a totally different guy out here. You're really taking it to them.

"Yes, absolutely. I've been looking at some of these camps and thinking, 'I can play with these guys.' So I decided that I was really going to be aggressive and make people notice me.

Sam Webb: What's the latest with you and Michigan?

"They've been recruiting me, but haven't heard from their coaches for a while. Other schools have had more contact with me."

Sam Webb: How about Michigan State?

"It's the same with MSU as with Michigan.

Sam Webb: Other schools are paying more attention to you?


Sam Webb: Do you have a preference of staying instate or going out of state?

"Either way -- instate or out. I can go either way."

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