Sun nite TJBlog: GBW Elite 11 Wrapup

After watching every snap this week, here are: my Top Performer, my Top Five, and my Top Eight - and why.

Sun nite TJBlog: GBW Elite 11 Wrapup This afternoons 2-minute drill competition didn't add much to the overall analysis, since 20 of 25 QBs drove to a TD; the only ones who didn't wereTyrone Swoops, Danny Etling, Brice Ramsey, Zach Allen, Jared Goff.

The changes for me today were that Max Browne had a truly great day on Sunday, a dominant day -- what I'd been expecting from him all week.

Chris Olsen and Christian Hackenberg were good all week, and looked top notch today.

In the end, after watching every snap this week, for me the top QBs of the week are:

#1 Shane Morris - clearly #1, tho not by leaps and bounds over the next three guys. Shane is getting bigger and strong every time we see him -- he's a beast with an accurate arm that doesn't stop. Need a 50 yard pass - no problem.

The rest of my top group includes 3 of the 5 of other The Opening quarterbacks:
Brice Ramsey -- who was outstanding all week until flubbing the 2 minute drill. Cooper Bateman -- who was outstanding until the Red Zone this AM. Max Browne -- who looked like a 5-star guy on Sunday.

Another who had a consistently top-level performance all week: Asanti Woulard. Coming out of nowhere for me, this guy never had a bad outing.

That's my Top Five.


After them I'd say next were the Chrisses -- Chris Olsen and Christian Hackenberg. And Jared Goff (who slipped from my top group with a poor 2-minute)

That's my Top Eight.

I'd say the next 12 could be bunched in a group, and are probably no better than the next group of 6-12 QBs out there in this big country of ours.


The only other thing I'd say is that this is not a camp for run-pass kids. I've said this before and I repeat it.

This was a distinct disadvantage for Tyrone Swoopes, Malik Zaire, J.T. Barnett, Anthony Jennings, Devante Kincade.

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