*Full Transcript* Brady Hoke - in the Hallway

Brady Hoke at the Big Ten Kickoff today -- in the hallway. More on Toussaint/Clark, on Denard, on Big Will's summer, on the incoming class, more.

Question: One of the things I wondered when you are talking about the guys that were suspended, will they be allowed to practice?

Brady Hoke: "I do not know yet."

Question: What do you think about having such a tough first game?

Brady Hoke: "Oh, I think it is great. I think it is great anytime you have you know to be able to play a team like Alabama; the reigning national champs and focus on that as you do every year on that first game. I think it is a great opportunity."

Question: Are your guys excited?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah, I hope so. We will find out more, but they had better be."

Question: What has Denard (Robinson) done this summer in the off-season to improve himself?

Brady Hoke: "Oh, I think he has worked real hard at fundamentals and mechanics and being a leader. I think his conditioning level probably is the highest it has been since he has been here. I just think of everything it takes to try and compete and have that same form. I think he has done a great job."

Question: Was he already in ridiculous shape?

Brady Hoke: "Uh, you can always get in better."

Question: Expectation are higher than last year. How do these guys live up to that?

Brady Hoke: "Well you go out every day and you work together and you prepare together and you make sure on those Saturdays that you're prepared to play your best."

Question: Brady because you have been limited in your contact with everyone, do you put this on the leadership that some of these guys have had off field transgressions that leadership of your seniors?

Brady Hoke: "You always do. I mean that is all part of it. You know it is growing and it is an educational process that guys go through. You know they are paying a price for it because there are consequences."

Question: Do you say to your leaders though that this is part of this and you need to get your own guys in line?

Brady Hoke: "Oh yeah, no doubt."

Question: Just from reports that you've gotten, who are some of the kids that have?

Brady Hoke: "I think Will Campbell has really had a great summer. From what I hear in talking to the seniors there are a lot of guys who have done a nice job. I think the one thing that has been good is we had 30 freshmen come in about six weeks ago. They have had a little time to be around those guys a little more than maybe the years past."

Question: Brady when you talked about those Penn State kids you said you were going to keep your business, your business. Does that mean you are not going to recruit them or does that mean your not going to talk about it?

Brady Hoke: "Correct."

Question: You're not going to recruit them?

Brady Hoke: "Correct."

Question: What about how quickly that program can bounce back?

Brady Hoke: "They will do great. They got a great coach. I will tell you Bill (O'Brien) is a good man. They are going to do things. They got a great university."

Question: Have you reached out to Bill?

Brady Hoke: "I have talked to him."

Question: If somebody wanted to come, would you take a look at it?

Brady Hoke: "You know, I don't know. You got a team chemistry you worry about and I think that is a big part of it. There is a lot of different answers. You know, things that you got to look out for."

Question: Your thoughts on Ohio State and the long-term rivalry between you and Urban Meyer, you and him going head to head?

Brady Hoke: "It is not about coaches. It never is. It is about the players who are on the field. It is about two great schools."

Question: Brady is there anyone injury wise who is in doubt for the start of camp?

Brady Hoke: "I do not think so. I will get the final word on that on Monday."

Question: Nothing severe?

Brady Hoke: "Nothing severe."

Question: Will Fitzgerald Toussaint be able to practice?

Brady Hoke: "Maybe, we'll see. I have not made a decision."

Question: Is that something that you are just going to think over the next week or two then? I mean what goes into all of that?

Brady Hoke: "It goes into them meeting the standards that we want as a Michigan football player and you know there are consequences that they will be working through right now."

Question: Brady on Monday when you heard this thing as soon as they came down from the NCAA on Penn State, what was your thought as a coach about the severity of it?

Brady Hoke: "Well there are so many victims involved here that you know really for me to comment on it like I am an authority on anything, which I am not, you know it's sad in many ways."

Question: Brady I think it is hard to put yourself in Bill O'Brien's shoes. From a coach's perspective, how hard it is from the reduced scholarships and loss of bowl games?

Brady Hoke: "Well you know what, every school is different and I think that is such a great name in college football and such a great university, who knows. We will just have to see what the future brings."

Question: This obviously is not a typical opener. Do you split your practice time in the fall like you always would or is there maybe a special attention given to that first game?

Brady Hoke: "We will do what we normally do. I mean we will go you know there is a lot from an offensive/defensive/kicking standpoint that we will put in and the fundamentals and techniques. Then as we get closer to game day, we will focus more in on what they do which is you know pretty good for us anyway because there is a lot that we do that they do so our offense and defense can gel kind of against each other."

Question: Brady some schools would not play a nonconference opponent like an Alabama would. What are the benefits from your perspective about why they would play a game like that especially in the last couple of years of the BCS era?

Brady Hoke: "What I think is you now you go to Michigan, you coach at Michigan to play against the best, and if you want to be the best, I think you have to do that. So for us you know it is a great opportunity. It is going to be a fun game. We will learn a lot about us win or lose. I think that is a big benefit."

Question: Brady you talked about the risks in the State game and that being the biggest game as far as the Big Ten is concerned?

Brady Hoke: "For us that is always a big game because it is in-state rival game and you know they have been kicking our butts pretty good lately and that is something that we do not like, but that game and then obviously the Ohio game was as big as game as on the schedule."

Question: When will you choose about the legacy jerseys and who is going to wear those?

Brady Hoke: "Sometime in the future."

Question: Will that be before the season starts or will that be something where you incrementally introduce them?

Brady Hoke: "We will see."

Question: How do you replace a guy like Dave Molk?

Brady Hoke: "Well I think it is always hard you know, but the expectations affirm the position. So Ricky Barnum has some expectations."

Question: An open position like left guard that is still up in the air how soon into fall wall do you want something like that decided?

Brady Hoke: "Well, I think it depends a little bit who it is because of some continuity that some of the older guys obviously have if it is a younger guy so be it. You know there is no entitlement. We will just go day by day with it and evaluate it day by day."

Question: When you bring in the freshmen on campus, how does that happen as far as acclimating a program getting situated and developing that same chemistry?

Brady Hoke: "Well I think number one they get acclimated a little bit through the academics. For some of them like any of us that is big. You know there's timing and skills all of those things that you know becomes important. And then how we lift and how we run. I mean there is a multitude of things. And then I think being able to get around with their teammates a little bit and get to know the other guys, the older guys. In the old days, you had three days with them. Then the next day all of the veterans came in and just kind of called your shot. You know now with everybody being on campus all summer you know the academic year has extended itself. You know I think it is great for them to have that opportunity."

Question: Brady do you have a preference out of eight games versus nine games Big Ten conference play?

Brady Hoke: "You know I really don't. I think whatever is best for the conference. You know I think we got a great conference. It is competitive and so you want to have the ability to play some of those Alabamas in those games too. You know I think whatever is best for the conference."

Question: Would it be strange though to be in a year where you are playing four home games and five road games in the Big Ten?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah, it would be different. You know I think the good thing is everybody has to do it."

Question: Are these in your meetings? Are you guys talking about that specific issue, eight versus nine?

Brady Hoke: "We're not. You know right now I mean that is up the chain."

Question: You always prepare for your season opener, but have you prepared more for this game? More film for the game? More studying?

Brady Hoke: "I don't think so. You know to be honest with you. I think we probably are doing the same things we normally do."

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