Ciulla's Recruiting Story - So Far

Will <B>Jeremy Ciulla</B> from Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. follow Jeff Backus to Michigan as the the Wolverine's next great Peach State offensive lineman? Both hail from the suburbs north of Atlanta. With the final chapter of Ciulla's recruiting story yet to be written, here is his recruiting tale so far.

Jeremy Ciulla is 6-5 1/2, 279 lbs., runs a 5.0 in the 40, has a 325 lb. bench press, and academically has 3.6 GPA and an 1100 SAT (he had a 1040 but retook it in order to get a Stanford offer).

Jeremy visited some Southern schools during his April spring break. Then he went on to visit what has ended up as his top four.

Ciulla visited Notre Dame April 26 with his mother for the Irish spring game, and afterward told Mike Frank of, "I liked it the most out of any school I've been to. [Coach Willingham is] really a good guy and he spent over an hour talking to my Mom and I. He offered me a scholarship at the end of our conversation. I am thinking about committing to Notre Dame but I am not sure yet ... Notre Dame is definitely my favorite school."

Then on May 24 and 25th he visited Georgia. Afterward he told, "It was nice. It was a pretty good experience but all the colleges I've visited have been good experiences."

Ciulla did not even list the Wolverines in his top five, ever, until he visited U-M June 7-8 with his mother. Afterwards his mom told, "They really spent a lot of individual time with Jeremy, especially looking at his film in detail with him."

And Jeremy told Sam Webb of GBW: "The first day we met with all of the coaches. Coach Loeffler is recruiting me so I talked to him. I also talked to Andy Moeller for a while since he's the offensive line coach. We briefly said 'Hey' to Coach Carr, but he had a meeting to go to so we didn't get a chance to really speak with him until the next day. Then I met with some of the players. The next day I met with Coach Carr for over an hour and he offered me a scholarship. I also visited the school of business and the medical school. The medical school is REALLY nice! That's what I'm thinking about majoring in. I really had a great visit."

Jeremy returned home from Michigan and immediately jumped on another plane to visit Stanford with his father. Afterward he told Sam Webb, "It was a pretty good visit, but I liked Michigan's medical school a little more."

His unofficial visits over, Webb asked Ciulla: on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your visits? Jeremy answered, "UGA was probably about a 7 or 8. Notre Dame was probably a 9. Stanford was about an 8. Michigan was a 10. That was the best visit I've been on. I thought they had the nicest medical school I've seen. I really liked it a lot."

And finally, this week GBW asked him if he was planning to decide by the end of the month. He said, "My mom would like me to make my decision by then, yes." Is Michigan your leader? "Yeah, they're at the top," followed by, "Georgia, Notre Dame, and Stanford."

As far as what kind of prospect Ciulla is, he told, "Coaches say that I am pretty quick off the ball and that I have really good feet. I want to work on getting stronger in the weight room this summer." And he told GBW, "My best 40 time this year is a 5.0."

Scott Kennedy of says of him, "Ciulla is relatively new to the game of football, but he has physical attributes that cannot be denied. He excels in pass protection at this stage of his career, but at 6-5 and 270 pounds he has the frame to add several dozen pounds of muscle on the next level."

And Ciulla's coach Scott Jones told Sam Webb, "He plays the left tackle [for us]. Jeremy is as good as they come in both run and pass blocking. He has great feet." As far as what position he'll play in college Jones said, "I think he'll be an offensive tackle. He won't have any problem playing the left side (the 'weak' or 'pass protection' tackle positon). He could play guard too. That's why about 40 schools have offered him so far. He's so quick with his feet! He as fast as outside linebackers in the first five yards. The guy can really move! He's probably going to be a 6-6, 6-7, 310 pound kid … so I'd venture to say that he's probably going to be a tackle." Jeremy himself told GBW, "I play offensive tackle right now, but either one [tackle or guard] in college is fine with me."

Ciulla is a prospect of the '40 offers' variety , including (besides his top four) Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, North Carolina, South Carolina. He is's #61 prospect nationally, and #10 offensive lineman.

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