Henderson's dad: "He wants to pursue Michigan

In Part Two of GBW's interview with the parents of 2014 Virginia quarterback Caleb Henderson, the signal caller's father and football coach tells GBW how impressed he is with the Big Ten as a whole and gives his thoughts on Al Borges. Is it a Michigan/OSU battle right now?

(Part One: QB Henderson's UM Experience "Very Special")

Several weeks ago class of 2014 Burke, Virginia quarterback Caleb Henderson made his way up to Ann Arbor with his father to spend a day at Michigan's football camp. While at the camp, Henderson impressed Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges with his ability to make all the throws.

"I think as Caleb started working out Coach Borges recognized the type of potential Caleb has and being his head coach for the past couple years I know what the kid can do and they started off with the short game workout and timing patterns and watched his footwork," Henderson's father told GoBlueWolverine. "Then they started doing five and seven step hitch routes where he's throwing 22 yard comebacks from one hash to the opposite number and deep outs, seven step fades just to see what his arm can do."

"At the end of the workout Caleb came over drenched and said and just said. ‘Wow, if those are the throws I'm going to make (at Michigan)', and he felt pretty confident that he had demonstrated the type of arm strength that Coach Borges was looking for."

With Coach Borges intrigued by Henderson's ability, his father is equally interested and impressed with the football mind calling the plays on offense in Ann Arbor.

"Caleb said Coach Borges is probably one of the smartest guys he's ever met," Henderson's father said. "His football knowledge—I'm a high school football coach and what I know is probably less than what Coach Borges has forgotten as far as football strategy and scheme, just a quality coach up there."

Michigan isn't the only school the Henderson's have made it up to see north of Virginia, raving about the Big Ten as a whole, with the Wolverines standing above the rest as far as impact for the Henderson family.

"The Big Ten is impressive all around," he said. "We've been to ACC schools, we've been to a couple Big East schools and we're in contact with some SEC schools but the thing that I was impressed about is just the size of the programs in the Big Ten. We went to Michigan State and that was impressive. We saw Illinois and that was impressive but then Michigan, the facilities, the reputation, it was over the top."

"That stadium is the biggest thing I've ever seen in my life and Caleb is just, it's on his facebook page now, he's walking around with a Michigan shirt on," he continued. "He was very impressed and very appreciative of their interest in him. He's going to try and prove to Coach Borges and Coach Hoke in the first game of the season that he's worthy of a scholarship. So I was amazed."

"We've been to Tennessee earlier and UVA and Virginia Tech but the details and just the attention to detail that I saw at Michigan is remarkable, so for my son to be considered for a program like that we feel very grateful and very fortunate," he said. "As my wife said if he decided to go to Michigan, we'd support that 100%."

While Henderson has spoken glowingly of the Wolverines rival to the south, Ohio State, after multiple positive visits to Ann Arbor and the support of his parents should he end up at Michigan, the 6'3, 225 pounder has more food for thought at the top of his list.

"First of all, we're going to sit down with every offer we get and decide as a family whether or not it's in Caleb's best interest," said Henderson's father. "I think this weekend it made him see that there's other universities out there and if Caleb were offered a scholarship to Ohio State before the visit to Michigan—I don't know, that'd be tough for him to turn down. After the visit to Michigan he'd need a week on that one because he's completely impressed with Michigan and could see himself there."

"As we get into this a little more with all of the recruiting that he's going to go through I'm sure there's going to be other programs that come by and try and recruit him but for him to see the campus and to see the facilities is invaluable and it's good data to compare to the other schools," he said. "Right now, I think he'd have to think long and hard about both schools so it was a great experience for him and I think he really wants to pursue Michigan and see where it goes and we'll see what kind of fall season he has."

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